Weird licencing isses

Hi, i upgraded my GA expansions to the new licensing. It’s working fine on my new DAW. But on the old one, even thought I plugin my usb licenser. i keep getting errors that i dont have a license for the expansions. I checked and the expansions are activated in software licensor. The errors are for metro heights and colliding worlds. I re-ran maintenance and it didn’t fix it. Any suggestions?

There is no elicenser needed anymore. You need to use the Steinberg Activation Manager instead.

Thanks. Yes. I did. that. I can see the licenses in the new license manager. But everytime I launch Cubase 10.5 , I get these errors on screen.

Cubase 10.5 requires the eLicenser.

Yes. I understand. The eLicenser is plugged in. But it now generates an error about expansions when launching. The GA expansions do seem to work though. But the error is annoying. I can post a screen shot when I get back to DAW.

Your issue is that Cubase 10.5 does not understand Steinberg Licensing even though the latest build of Groove Agent 5 does. The webpage below gives further information.

Unless Steinberg comes up with a compatibility solution for older versions of Cubase, the only way to make this problem disappear fully is to upgrade to Cubase 12, which understands Steinberg Licensing.

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I am attaching what is happening. I tried re-running maintenance and no luck.


When you upgraded these licenses to Steinberg Licensing, the original licenses were deleted from your USB-eLicenser dongle. Unfortunately, this means that the MediaBay of older versions of Cubase can no longer initialize these licenses, leading to this error. There’s currently nothing that you can do about this besides uninstalling these expansions, or using Cubase 12.

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I have the software licenser installed on this older system and I can see the expansions are activated in it and i can use them. They just generate an error upon launch of cubase 10.

Definitely something weird going on with Windows. I just added a new GA expansion and it installed and activated fine without issue on both systems. No errors at all. It’s almost like there is a GA cache in Cubase 10 somewhere that needs to get cleaned out.

Does anyone know if there are registry keys or cache folders in Windows that Cubase 10 keeps with regards to GA 5 content?

I suspect your newly acquired licence (on Steinberg Licensing) is currently invisible to Cubase 10’s MediaBay, so you do not see an error.

yay!!! looks like the new licenser update fixed my weird issue.