Weird playback behaviour after updating to 4.1

I’m currently working on a piece for Strings and Piano. After updating to 4.1 this morning the playback is a little clumsy. The piano playback transposes in the middle of the playback (at no particular point) almost a half step up…it is like someone is playing with the pitch bend. If I stop the playback everything comes back to normal but it could start again at any point. Sometimes the “effect” will remain even after stopping the playback. while I play on my midi keyboard.

This is happening exclusively on the “Piano” track and not in the strings.

Since I read that pitch bend was now included in the update I went to the play tab and checked for any pitch bend message in the project and there’s none.

I included a video of the issue. I’m not sure but it sounds like a toy piano (without any instrument change) and the odd that happens at any moment, not at a particular note or measure.

I’m running Dorico 4.1 on Mac OS Catalina 10.15.7 using a M-Audio KeyStation 49 MK-3 via USB

Thank you for your help!


I forgot to mention: I’m using NotePerformer 3.

I have similar issues - and I am using the same Midi Controller (M-Audio KeyStation 49 MK-3 via USB).
If you unplug it, the strange pitch shifting will be gone.
The pitch bend wheel works optically and reacts on dust and dirt, which might have got into the inside of the keyboard.
This is all unrelated to the Version of Dorico, I am using.

Thank you k_b for your reply. Do you have the same issue while entering notes from the midi controller? I guess that is the most annoying part for me. It might not be related to Dorico as you mentioned but casually the issue started after I updated to 4.1 I’ll keep an eye on the controller. Thanks again!

Whilst inputting music, I am fine with the pitch, it happens during playback only (and I can “bend” the offending instrument back to be in tune by using the pitch bend wheel - which I never use when inputting music).
There are other strange things happening sometimes; yesterday whilst inputting music into an organ staff I heard accordion sound instead. In a way I don’t care, as my main use of Notation software is the engraving itself.

I’m not sure why the pitch bend wheel on the MIDI keyboard would cause issues during playback unless some pitch bend data has been entered unexpectedly in the score itself.

If the problem occurs at a consistent spot in the project every time you play back, please cut down the project to the affected section and attach it here so I can take a look at it.

Hi @jguerramusic,
Sometimes I’m having the same issue. You can try to fix it just by turning off the MIDI keyboard
You can also use some MIDI monitor like Pocket MIDI
In order to check if the Midi Keyboard sends unwanted signals to the computer and respectively to Dorico.

Best wishes,

I don’t think this is a problem with Dorico. Five years ago, I was using a M-Audio 88 key keyboard and had the same problem with Sibelius. During playback the pitch would slowly change. I would unplug the keyboard and it would work fine for a bit, and then it would slowly start pitch bending again. The university got me a new keyboard (Native Instruments S88) and I haven’t had that problem since, whether using Sibelius or Dorico.

Hello Daniel,

The issue occurs at random spots. I have not determined a consistent behaviour when it happens. I noticed Dorico has a MIDI input signal and I notice that sometimes it is flashing green (even without me playing anything) Last night I had no Issues at all. It seems to be related to the MIDI keyboard.

Also, I tried opening and playing the project in another computer and it worked fine (not connected to the midi keyboard)

Thank you @Thurisaz

It looks like that is exactly what is happening. I noticed the midi signal in Dorico going green even without me playing anything. I will check the pocket MIDI. Thanks!

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Thank you @JamesIV After a few tests, I think it is more related to the Midi controller than Dorico. Thank you for your feedback on controllers.

After multiple testing and comments from users of the same controller, I can confirm that the issue is not related to Dorico. It is the controller. The controller sends signals to Dorico that are not written in any way in my score…it goes back to normal when I manually activate the pitch bend. It is not pleasant when it happens but at least it is not embedded in the score. Thank you all for your comments!

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Please check this post! I have an axiom pro and I have a lot of troubles From one day to the next it was working fine and then suddenly nothing, it was sending me constant midi messages according to the green light showing midi activity in dorico.

When I activated this option mentioned by daniel in the post everything was solved.


Here the post Problems with midi keyboard

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Thank you @Martin_Reyna_Zuniga I just tried that and the weird behavior continued the same. The only thing that changes that for me is manually moving the pitch bend so it goes back to the “normal” state when I release it.