Weird repeat barline/bracket

The Piccolo has it’s own set of tails on the repeat barline. It is bracketed with the Flutes though… this shouldn’t be happening should it?

And while I’ve got you, when condensing is on, is there a way to force all the slurs of Player 2 to always be below? Rather than flipping each one as I go?

We’ll need to see the project itself to be able to answer what’s going on with the wings on the repeat barlines there.

I’m also curious why the slurs are pointing upwards in your condensed music – again, taking a look at the project itself would be instructive.

My apologies. I thought I’d attached it. Page 15 onwards.

I had slurs set to “always above”… It’s a bit annoying that I have to switch this off for one layout (the score). I prefer them always above in my parts.

Test.dorico (2.6 MB)

Sorry to post another issue to this thread. (PS should I be creating separate threads for the different issues?)

On Page 14 of the score, there is a section where the Clarinet 1 & 2 are in separate staves. I’ve solved that problem but my issue is:

When the staff label numbering style is set to “label each staff”, there is an issue with the space between the instrument abbreviation and the player number. I just quickly tried adjust another instrument and the same thing happens. To make it pretty, I need to “group between staves”.

I started looking at this. The Piccolo repeat is caused by your custom bracketing changes. Something went wrong. I deleted the bracketing change and tried to recreate it. I did not get the odd repeat bar, but not sure if I got your desired bracketing correct.

TIP: Use Groups in Setup mode to create your custom bracketing groups. Select the Instruments then click the Add Group icon. You can disable the Group names in Layout Options > Staves and Systems > Staff Labels.

I haven’t yet gotten to the other issues.

Clarinet Labels:

Was this an XML import? I did a change instrument to Clarinet 1 choosing the same Bb Clarinet. The problem went away. XML imports always seem to do wonky things. I always do a change instrument to Dorico’s builtin instruments with XML imports. It seems a hassle but it prevents so… many problems down the road.


I am not sure about this one. Not sure it’s really possible. Will wait for Daniel’s response.

Clarinet Labels:
This fixed it. To be honest, I was screwing around with flows - trying to figure out the best workaround to export flows separately - and I’m almost positive that I imported this flow.

Player Groups:
I’m not sure the groups would matter much for me? I want all the WW in one bracket so that I get one big time signature for them.

Am I correct, after researching the manual and on here, that I can’t automatically have sub-brackets for groups instead of brackets? Or a group within groups? eg Piccolo’s, Fl 1 and Fl 2 as a group within the WW

Player groups will give you better stability than Bracketing changes. They won’t be so easily messed up.

I believe sub-brackets are limited to instruments of the same type. So, Flute 1 & 2 should sub-bracket but not with Piccolo. You could try using a Flute for the Piccolo and using the Clef and Transposition override feature to change the transposition.

Thanks for the help. It’s much appreciated.

Another thing I noticed. You’re using the Small Ensemble bracketing. Orchestral may give you what you want with no bracketing changes.

So, this funny abbreviated staff labels situation has happened again:

Take the flutes: I’ve tried changing the current instrument to another of the same kind eg changed the flute in Flute 1 to a flute again. I’ve tried creating brand new players eg created a Flute 3 and 4. No luck for either of them.

It’s not happening in the Bb Trumpets or the Trombones… go figure…

I’ve attached the project. I’m not sure but there is a 50/50 change this file was originally an XML…
Demo.dorico (1.6 MB)

I seem to have figured out a fix:

  1. Library Manager
  2. Compare to Factory Settings
  3. Import Staff Label Paragraph Style from Factory settings (any of the three Staff Label options imports them all…)