Welcome SpectraLayers!

Dear Forum Members,

we are very pleased to welcome a new member to the Steinberg product family: SpectraLayers Pro 6.

SpectraLayers is a new approach to audio editing, with new concepts to transform the way you work. For the first time you can directly edit spectral data, opening advanced sonic worlds, and use innovative enhancements to traditional techniques. Visualize audio in astonishing new ways — including 3D, work with mixes as if they were tracks and integrate all of these abilities into your DAW and other tools.

Some of the key features in SpectraLayers are:

• Surgical and intuitive spectral editing with 25 real-time tools
• Advanced Selection Engine
• Selection-based effects
• The only visual transformation system for sound
• Tracks, Regions and Clips separated as Layers
• ARA 2 and AAX compatibility
• Integration of other audio editors, such as WaveLab or iZotope RX
• 12 remappable surround channels
• 2D and 3D visualization of the Spectrogram
• Native restoration effects, spectral noise reduction and reverb removal

And to welcome SpectraLayers into the Steinberg family, we are offering an introduction discount of 50% to all our customers until August 31, 2019.

Visit the SpectraLayers product page to find out more about this amazing audio editor and everything you can do with it.

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…very interesting…

Looks very interesting and I would love to check it out, however:

If it’s like nothing we’ve ever seen or heard before, shouldn’t there be a trial offer? I think it’s a pretty big proposition to buy something when you have no idea what it does or how it does it, in terms of real-world experience.

I’m suggesting a trial version even if it’s only for a week.

a Trial would be very much appreciated.

Yes please a trial would be great

Thank you

Bravo to Steinberg for acquiring SpectraLayers – this is a fantastic app and it fits in perfectly with the whole portfolio IMO. With ARA2, it is an awesome addition to Cubase and especially Nuendo for sound designers and post production.

In retrospect, one can now see a piece of the longer-term business strategy at play here with Steinberg and their choice to finally adopt ARA… and now they are launching the ARA2-compatible version of one the coolest spectral editing apps on the planet, SpectraLayers Pro. It’s like watching Steinberg play a big game of chess – DAW chess – and they’ve been planning this move for a while, setting up the board. Very clever move, great timing, and it’s clear that Steinberg isn’t going to let this ARA standard get away from them… they are setting themselves up to be one of the main drivers of ARA in the future IMO, swiping the standard-bearer position right out from under the rug of their cousins down the road in Hamburg… Presonus Germany and Studio One, the ones who initially collaborated with Celemony on ARA1.

Next up, I expect WaveLab 10 to support ARA2, and then Steinberg will have more ARA apps under one roof than any other developer. Well played, Steinberg. And good choice with SpectraLayers… like I already mentioned, it’s fantastic.

Great move, Steinberg! I have been using SpectraLayers since V1, through the last Magix release V5. Totally agree with uarte, it is a fantastic app for audio/spectral editing and manipulation. Under Sony, it was innovative and great. Under Magix, it languished, and I was losing heart. When I got the upgrade notice to V6, I went through the “buy” process to check out my upgrade cost ($75 CDN — yay!) , and couldn’t understand why I was being directed to Steinberg. Now I know.

I don’t know all the enhancements, but this first Steinberg release (V6) being ARA2 compatible makes the upgrade essential to me. Magix had a clunky round-trip integration with Sound Forge that was barely worth the effort. ARA2 support in Wavelab can’t come soon enough.

Hello all,

the trial version should be available next week, worst case scenario in two weeks time. I’ll let you know as soon as it’s there.

All the best,

I really like the layers concept (seems a lot better than in iZotope) and I think adding ARA2 and buying SpectraLayers was a great move, the programs fit very well together. But I found many issues are still hard to fix manually. I regularly try masking stuff in RX only to resort to their plugins and AI driven algorithms to get rid of noise and especially mouth clicks and noises for speech recordings. As far asI can see SpectraLayers mostly uses manual editing, apart from some plugins like noise reduction?

I see there’s the option to open things in RX, but when I have RX, why would I use SpectraLayers? Those programs seem very similar to me. Apart from the layers paradigm?

Does Spectral Layers use a dongle? Is it just 1 activation per license? Couldn’t find information on Steinberg site.

Hi Luis, will the offer price still be available once the trial goes live?


So stoked on this. Can’t wait to try the demo!

more infos:


Does someone open if izotope plan to implement ARA2 into RX?

Is the trial version available? Sort of can not find it?


Flound it. Sorry.


Awesome, love everything about this! Actually never heard of ARA before last week, and now I can see so many possibilities with it.