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As of May 2018, Steinberg has acquired the intellectual property of Xewton. What this entails is that as a user of Music Studio, you are to refer to this forum for support.

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Dear Support- dear DEV Team!
I hope i did choosed the right Section, cause… even if i searched the Forum; i could not find much concrete Questions related to technical Issues.
Mostly Opinions to the latest Update.

What brings me to my Topic.
This morning i was happy to see that there was an Update for my “long Time Friend”

The best Thing in that Announcement:
My long Time WISH “Having the Option to MAKE FOLDERS” was the MAIN-Topic of it.

I updated immediatly, opened MS… but; even if i searched a lot… i could NOT find any
• Button
• Settings-Entry
• Tab or Line…
that said “Create new Folder”
2nd Announcement:
"Choose several Files at ONCE"… also to THIS Point i could’nt find any Hint!

Could YOU… as the DEV-Team… give me little Instructions WHAT or HOW to do???

Sorry, if my english Grammer isn’t the best… i am german, snd hope you understand what i mean.
Btw: i use Music Studio PRO over 5 Years, do Recording with DAWs over 20 Years… so its not a Question of a “Newbie”.

Many Thanks for any Advice,

Hi Cosmo,

We’ve replied to your question in this topic:

Music Studio Support


I just wanted to ask if it is possible to post somewhere on the songs made with this app (MS)

I have seen a section called “done with Steinberg”, but I do not know if it is correct to post my songs here.

Thank you.

Hi Midisound,

Thanks for your message.

I’d suggest to post your songs at the Audiobus forum, where you’ll find lots of other app users.

The “done with Steinberg section” is mainly for products such as Cubase and other applications.
Nevertheless it should not be a problem to post your music there as well.

Hope that helps.

Music Studio Support


Thanks for answering.

I prefer to publish in Steinberg. That way I can listen more directly to other composers who work with other Steinberg products and maybe encourage me to try some of them.

It will also allow me to know some comments from these people about how I could improve some aspects of my music if I might use another Steinberg product.

If I published on Audiobus I would not have these two important goals for me.

That if … I promise not to publish the same amount as in the past (Ha ha ha ha …).