Welcome to the world of Live Performance – Welcome to VST Live

… no. Could you please add your request in that thread here.

I got so excited by the teaser videos that I bought the PRO version straight away. There’s a lot of potential in this tool but I feel at the moment it’s just that, “Potential”. The documentation is awful and needs updating. The lack of tutorials is an issue although I am sure in time they will start appearing on Youtube. The best looking one is in German and not great if you dont speak German ! I was really excited about the DMX support but still feel its better to just drive everything from a CUBASE 12 midi track. Cant for the life of me, see how this can be done directly from VST Live with a QTX DM-X12. Give this product time and I am sure the clunkiness and manuals will be sorted. I hope !

… you would connect your QTX device to an DMX interface. The interface is connected to VST Live as an Input for a DMX Track. Then you could monitor your device or record your events.

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