What am I doing wrong trying to use Molding?

I’m trying to check out Molding but not making much progress.

In the manual pages 55-56 describe the process and use an example of a music bed and a voiceover which I’m recreating. On pg. 55 I’m not totally clear what “source for molding” refers to. I’m assuming in step 3 that I should select the music bed layer. And in step 5 it is the voiceover layer. I left the Margin values at the default of 1 pixel.

Then in step 7 if I leave “Strength” in the dialog at 100% (I assume this is the same as “Mold Ratio” in the doc) and apply it, nothing changes in either layer.

If I change strength to 50% the voiceover is not affected but the level of the entire music bed is lowered, presumably by 50%.

If I try it again with strength = 0% then the music bed is entirely removed.

Clearly I’m missing something as I’m not getting any interaction between the layers…

Hi Rodger,
The video referenced in the following thread may perhaps give you some clues: