What are the differences between score editor basic and advanced

Hi, I am wondering what the differences are in the score editor basic vs advanced versions that come with artist and pro versions of cubase respectively. Haven’t been able to find that info online for some reason. I’m trying to decide whether it is worth getting pro, or if I should upgrade to artist. I’m currently using elements 11. Thanks!:slight_smile:

I used cubase 11 elements, which has the basic score editor function, but soon found out that it is extremely limited. Most of all there is no page view mode, so you cannot see what your layout looks like before printing. It seems to be mainly for viewing notated versions of your midi tracks.

QIt was worth the extra money to get the professional version, although I’m finding multiple glitches and things that simply don’t work as described in the manual. Also many functions were easier to use and more intuitive, and effective, in my good old Cubase VST. Nonetheless, it does many, many things that are not possible in the basic score editor.

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