What CPU is needed for 96k/24?

Hey all,

I recently discovered that my i7-3740qm rig can’t handle 35 track, 100-120 plugin (Waves and Slate) at 96kHz 24 or 32 bit projects and running those projects sampled down to 48kHz has the VST performance meter at around half to 60%.

Im wondering what CPU users here use to run at 96/24-32 with track counts at 30+ and in the region of 120 plugins.

There is an i7-4770 rig on the used market which looks interesting but I do not know the lay of the modern CPU land or whether running at the above specs would require something quite the step up, above i7s.

Any advice is appreciated
Many thanks

i7 6950X


Basically i have an i7 4790 which is very similair to the 4770. You will need to spend $800+ unfortunately

Cool, thanks for that.

What kind of VST performance would you get for a large project and what makes up that project?

I don’t use any VSTi all that much, if ever so it would be mainly Slate and Waves plugs.


It’s almost impossible to say without knowing which exact plugins and how many tracks etc since the demands of every plugin can vary by such a huge degree. Tape emultaions and Nebula can be very hard on your processor for example. Some EQ’s are very light and others much more taxing. A good way to get a rough idea is to look at the benchmarks done by the pros at SCAN.



i mainly use vsti. using just one instance of a high accuracy synth like serum, with waves tape emulation, reverb, eq and compression alone can take 80% cpu. Its worth it though to make something digital sound analogue. but for now i am back to 44.1 24 unstil i get the cpu and RME sound card :frowning:

Thanks all.

What are peoples experiences of the i7-4770k?

i used to have it, the differences between 4790 4770 and 4770k arent that big, even after overclocking. you will of course see a diffrrence but from my experience it isnt something that is worth putting time and effort into. but if you are just after a little leap in cpu headroom then and your up for the rigamarole, get it !