What does 'Show Tracks with Data' look like in the PLE?

I would like to create a PLE visibility preset that shows tracks with data, with the exception of tracks that have only muted events. So I would like to use ‘Show Tracks with Data’ as a starting point, but there is no PLE preset for that. Does anybody know what ‘Show Tracks with Data’ looks like in the PLE?



I don’t think these Track Visibility Agents are based on PLE. I think, these are hard coded. Only the Advanced presets are based on PLE. So I’m afraid you cannot reach the same in PLE.

In general, you cannot set something like “All events of the track” in the PLE. PLE takes the events one by one and makes the action on it. It cannot collect data and then make a decision/do an action.

Thanks for your reply, as always, Martin.

I think Steve’s suggestion in this thread just pointed me in the right direction: