What exactly does the Tracking Limit do?

The user manual is sparse in explanations so what exactly does the Tracking Limit do?

If for example I select a frequency to cut to a new layer the result is exactly the same whether I use a 1s tracking limit or 15s ?

Are you still using SpectraLayers 7.0.0 or 7.0.10 ? That settings is gone since 7.0.20, and was also removed from the manual.

Well what ever version he is using your reply is not helpful to the op or anyone else who reads this thread seeking an answer to the same question - such as me.

I completely agree that Steinberg has become so lazy with thier manuals that it is an insult to anyone who buys their software.

I’ve been a user of Cubase as far back as Cubase SX and finding answers to even simple questions regarding how to do this or that, or what does A or B do is almost impossible because the documentation is no use what so ever and people in this forum are, on the whole, just as bad.

Any reason why you did not upgrade your SpectraLayers 7 to 7.0.20 or 7.0.21 ?
The frequency selection tools were optimized in 7.0.20/7.0.21 and therefore there was no longer a need to force a time limit on the selection. Therefore that option was removed, that’s why it’s no longer in SL7 and its manual.

To directly answer your question KennyEastMids, the Tracking Limit purpose was to signal time length for SpectraLayers tracking. 15s meant that only 15 seconds could be chosen for processing.

Time length limitation was eliminated since SL 7.0.20 version.
Hence now --we users-- don’t see the former max time Tracking Limit , since there is no such limitation. Conversely the Manual reflects this.

Let’s have in mind that this new feature upgrade was either solicited or coincident with a user request discussed here.