What happened to my Control Room Monitor???

My Control Room Monitors got all weird, one of them does not show anything, the other is very slow. There is no Loudness Settings and also the look changed, they are up in the corner tiny, as you can see below:

What did i do? Ad i know of nothing.
I started in Safe Mode, did not delete preferences but Disabled them,
it was the same thing, funny windows and no Loudness Presets.


Unfortunately your suffering from the ‘‘I bought Cubase pro8 to early syndrome’’ just like me and many others…

moral of the story is (for me anyway) wait…wait…wait…until they’ve got it right…then give them your money…

sorry I’m not able to help, I’m on 7.5 until they fix it…

good luck, Kevin :slight_smile:

Did you move your Cubase 7 preferences to C8 manually?


Did you drag the left screen border with the mouse? happend to me with a fullchannel editor, closing it and opening it back fixed it.

you are absolutely correct and that is the sad part. I think its type opening a post
with the name ,To those who ditched Steinbergm, what else is better out there’’
because o know there is quiet a few of them…what a sad reality…and of course my failt.

no, i was on 6.5.5 before, i just installed 8 and continued using it, edited its own preferences
and did not use the ones from 6.5.5, from there i used only an Empty Project i think.

yes, i realized that, that was the problem but there is another problem, there is a bug and
i hope someone will report it…with dragging i fixed it BUT…then the Loudnes Monitor gets
screwed up so by dragging you can fix ONLY one of them, if you switch to the Control Room you
have to drag again to fix that so back and forth…

Back to topic, i trashed the preferences, came back to Cubase, did not fix anything and the
preferences looked the same, like not trashed.




Is it connected to this??


Can people please stop saying “It’s not working yet, it’s still beta, Steinberg didn’t finish the product yet” and everything related to that.

It works for 90% of the people, just not for a few… They can’t test for 100% of their users and MAYBe, just MAYBE there is something wrong with YOUR computer…

Just a thought…

Yes…but NOT a VALID thought…look at the Topics and have a clue
as for how many it does not work…there is tens of people with the same issue and coincidentally all of their
and i can prove that anytime you want…stop defending them.

yes, its basically the same issye except in my case it has some graphic problems too unless someone else reported it too.


If you stand behind your words check this out: http://www.steinberg.net/forums/viewtopic.php?f=230&t=71314
and then tell me for how many it works…BUT REMEMBER…that’s just ONE of the problems.

:smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Then read the solutions too… Most of the time it’s aero related, or a driver issue or something like that.

First, find the problem. Then blame the one that made that problem. Don’t start pointing fingers if you have NO clue why this is happening yet :slight_smile:

I can both reproduce this and cure it
but I will not say how due to the general tone here on this thread


Haha, that’s nice of you…

Exactly…we found the problem and it is with Cubase/Steinberg…as far as solutions go when i have more money
i will build another computer and will start switching, record one track on one, restart it and then go to the other
one and back and forth…if you call restarting a solution…lollllzzzzzzz. On the other hand i don’t need their crappy
Meters, anyways they are not correct, i spent over 300$ on Meters but if i paid for these i expect them to at least
move a little…it looks fancy…i can blabber about it to my friends…how cool graphics my computer has.

Hippo, lol, you DA man!

Actually, no I can’t (or more precisely won’t) because that is EXACTLY what happened. This program has major bugs and it should not have been released until properly tested.

Wrong again. There is nothing “wrong” with my computer as it runs 7.5.3 (and lots of other programs) just fine. As just a single example, the MCU integration is broken. All of us that use MCUs, or other hardware that works through an MCU protocol, are screwed until they fix it. And don’t tell me they didn’t know it was broken because it was a problem in 7 and so many people complained that they fixed it very quickly.

If you sell a widget that has problem X and you decide to sell an upgraded widget and don’t check that problem X isn’t reoccurring, you’re either a fool or you just don’t give a damn about your customer base.

Now if you don’t have an MCU, you may not even know (or care) that your program is broken. But if you buy a piece of hardware that runs MCU protocol and find out, then you’ll be pissed.

I think a more correct evaluation is that there are many people who either don’t know about or care about the significant number of bugs.

But especially in light of my recent discussions with Steinberg’s tech support and their NAMM rep, it is clear to me that they released a beta version and are using all of us to troubleshoot it.

A lot of what you say is true but do you have the same control room problem as the op?

This version of Cubase is more of like the dot-com boom…forget what it does or not or design,
just a website with a stunning great Logo and we will decide later what works and what not.

I feel your pain however Cubase 8.0 is working just fine over here and my setup is not plain vanilla. In fact it performs better than 7.5 on my system… a lot better! Yeah it has a few bugs but so did 7.5…and 7 and 6.5 and 6…etc. There are no global bug showstoppers for the average user. To blame Steinberg without troubleshooting your system (as annoying as that may be) is too easy. We all want to believe sometimes “it ain’t me! My system is perfect” but that’s not always the case. If Steinberg was truly busted then most of us would be screaming and most of us wouldn’t be able to use it. Thankfully that is not the case. A forum is just a very small slice of the user base and it’s a mistake say that 10 people with the same problem represents the experience of (tens of?) thousands of other users. Lastly, don’t assume Steinberg is going to fix something that you didn’t report. Did you open a Steinberg support ticket so they could maybe help you troubleshoot? All this screaming and fingerpointing won’t do you any good.

Mafia, you make a good point but there is one problem with it…my PC is already troubleshooted,
and i need no trouble shooting for 6.5 or other companies software…is 8Pro something special???

Then I ask… why does your problem not occur on the other 99.9% of the machines running CP8?
Run CP8 on another machine if you have one for testing temporarily and let us know if the “bug” happens on that machine too.