What I Love About Cubase

…is how it crashes so often!

I’ve been using it since the Atari ST in 1991 and it’s never stopped randomly crashing, like Ol’ faithful, thar she blows, 4 times a day during autosave, changing latency or just for the fun of it.

7.0.4 hasn’t let me down at all!


your so lucky I wish I could say the same but ive being let down by Steinberg , non of that functionality you are talking about happens here , im gutted , no crashes :frowning: no hiccups :astonished: and the most annoying thing is when I actually get round to making a tune …it bloody works , how dare you Steinberg how dare you !!!

It’s almost scary that such a complex program can be so stable…

ah you lucky mortals with your small requirements. unfortunately as a god-like ‘power user’ with far more orchestral plugins stuffed into my projects than my 16GB retina mac book pro can handle, I’m doomed to endlessly freeze tracks and reboot as it all collapses around me several times a day.

“there is a backup newer than this version”, or words to that effect, is the constant refrain.

yes cubase, I’ll load that and rename it “xxx-01.cpr”, it’s the least I could do for you my frail old servant

Are you finding cubase crashing during autosave? check you dont have write automation enabled. cubase crashes when you have write automation enabled on an older VST 2.2 plugins… and you try to save the file whilst it is playing… has happened since 6.5

oh and did i mention that it corrupts the file also. that’s ALWAYS fun… thankfully i have my autosaves set to 30 seconds…

no i don’t have write automation enabled. this is just the regular business as usual healthy 4-crashes a day I know and love

Maybe you should try switching to the PC or Mac, I mean your Atari ST must be getting slow by now.
I believe GODS is available on PC and Mac too so it’ll play all your games!


It is possible for immortals like yourself to buy a real processing tower, like the Mac Pro or PC, whatever which…hahaha. There’s RAM, too! :smiley:

But at least you’ve got something stable. Good on ya.

Mac Pro indeed. The MacBook Pro retina is faster than any current Mac Pro model. 16GB RAM is a bit on the small side though I admit. I could definitely use 32GB.

As for windows… I just can’t bear to look at those big red crosses and stoopid ugly graphics, error messages, inexplicable faults. I was stuck on windows for years until I could finally afford macs and I don’t intend to go back to the dark place.

says the man that’s complaining about crashes :laughing: :laughing: carry on happy crashing then dude :smiley: :smiley:

So, you think macs crash more than pcs? That certainly isn’t my experience. But then again, I was trying to run 4 pcs with giant orchestral templates strung together with fxteleport. Bad old days.

who’s the one complaining about random crashes ?

filterfreak - I wasn’t really complaining. If anything I was extolling the warm familiarity of seeing the usual low level of mysterious freezes. I’m sure it’s occasional bugs and nothing to do with my sometimes-demanding projects.

It only crashed once yesterday, when I was printing a score as a PDF and wanted to overwrite a previous file. Random freeze. Was it the end of the world? No, I just restarted as usual. WIll I bother reporting it? Nope, unless it keeps happening. Was a repeatable bug? I don’t know, I don’t really feel like I’ve got time to test it.

I haven’t got time to write this either, but what can I say? I waste time. I’m a composer, it’s in the blood.

Anyway, stable or not, surely almost everyone who uses Cubase for over 8 hours every day is going to get some crashes and freezes, you could probably say that about most software I imagine.

Don’t you?

nice joke…

“Into… the wonderful… Into…the wonderful”

hmm that was almost entirely true mid 2012 but I guess I’ve been left behind already :slight_smile:

Which makes me wonder about those who say it never crashes. :mrgreen: Then I wonder what kind of load they run Cubase under? How much processing, how many VSTI’s, how many tracks etc.

I have an i7 16 gig Windows 64 Cubase 64 and I get an occasional crash. But I still believe Cubase is the best for what I do.

Pro studio…current project 36 track (30 of which are vst). 6 ms of latency at 48k. Using Lynx Aurora converters via pcie card. Performance meter in Cubase solid at around 40%. No crashes. Feel free to ask questions if I can help.