What is going on with Cubase 7?

Here’s what I have observed being a customer of Steinberg since 2012:

    • Beta testing for new versions is non-existent.
  • Older versions are known to be more stable while the workflow/operation issues are growing in # each version.

  • The timeframe for known bug fixes is usually 60 days+.

  • The fixes aren’t thorough/don’t address issues (some bugs have been around for years).

  • Many of the critical ‘features’ need improvement/don’t work as intended (ASIO guard, channel strip chain)

  • They bloat the UI, limit user customization, make many things less intuitive (7.5 instrument rack, departure from cubase 6 ASIO meter).

  • Documentation on ASIO functionality is not thorough and unavailable to the public.

Cubase 7-7.5, in it’s current state, works great for some people. And 7.0 helped me make some great music. But there are intrinsically broken functions that go unfixed for months at a time (IF AT ALL!).

Why are we forced to put up with this if we want to use this application? What if the people at Steinberg, as well-intending as they may be, were actually developers that took an active interest in making the program better for it’s customers? Not by charging them for untested features but fixing the broken ones that have been in the app for more than a year?

What do you think is going on with Cubase 7?

And may I add Nuendo 6 to that. I think all the things you mention
have been documented…for quite some time now. Cubase 7 and
Nuendo 6 are done deals. (No more development for either)
If you want fixes you will have to upgrade to 7.5.
Oh yea, many of the documented issues are still present in 7.5 along with
some new ones, so maybe wait for version 8.
I’m trialing Cubase 7.5 and just found the “Mute” bug for channel 1.
How in the world…never mind.

If you need a new drum machine, or track versions, or another tape saturation plugin
they have you covered.

For me the new drum machine is almost worth it. Track versions are a convenience
but I prefer to manage alternate takes spread out on tracks.
Never hit a limit with too many tracks…And everything is visible all the time.
Magneto II doesn’t have the mojo that the very 1st ever version of Magneto had.
That is obviously just my opinion. I use the UAD Studer, Ampex or Fatso
for those duties anyway.

Steinberg, please focus on your origins. You know Cubase and Nuendo.
Take the time to address the fundamental issues please.

Flickering Cursors, Mixer Key Commands, Mouse wheel malfunctions, etc…
You know what they are.

Thank you! Isn’t the situation very curious? Just look:

  • On the one hand: You have a user base pleading for liberation from broken features.

…on the other hand: You have a developer that’s actively adding content and some fixes, but largely, it’s not the content that users want.

Therefore, they must have a motive other than “give the users what they want” :confused: What could it be?

Whenever serious feature discussion is happening around the boards, this phrase usually comes up:

hopefully it’ll be in cubase 8

As users, we are forced to keep our hopes set on this illusion. It’s the only solace we have in this situation. Because let’s face it: as a purchaser of this software, you have very little recourse (that I’m aware of).

So if you’re at least SLIGHTLY invested in Cubase time-wise, you’re stuck in a pit with no escape.

They can keep this going forever, actually. Releasing a 70% done app while you hope that the next version addresses the concerns.

I’m not angry at this situation at all: I honestly believe that addressing these concerns would serve the users of this application and allow to have more a more relaxed, efficient experience creating/mixing/designing music in this sandbox.

Am I fair ti ask that our developer meet us halfway and address why they haven’t fixed the major issues with this application. In plain, clear English - answers to the progress of rectifying major bugs in the application.

I believe that we’re entitled to know if something is being done to address these issues.

We’re loyal, paying customers after all.

The Cubase 7/7.5 and Nuendo 6/6.5 will go down in history as the worst/most difficult major cycle ever. Steinberg’s Vista (and Millenium) springs to mind.

The entire 7 branch is bug ridden and unrealiable.
Money for .5 was a punch to the balls and few bugs were adressed.
More than 1 year after release the damn mixer still gives headache…

So…I jumped over to Cockos Reaper, this is my 5th week with their app, and I love it.
They beta test, they fix bugs within a week and they have open discussion with their users.

Everything cubase can do, reaper does faster.

Imagine my surprise to see launch times under 5 seconds…
More than double of available cpu compared to bloatbase.

If reaper crashes you are up and running within 10 seconds…no locked audio driver, good programming.
If C crashes…good luck waiting 15 minutes for the bloated process to release.

After I post this I will be heading for Ebay and sell my C7.5 license.
Good luck people!

Attachment is a custom self-made UI.
No more gray hair from too small fonts or annoying visibility issues.

Except for what Reaper doesn’t do, of course. :mrgreen:

Forum police will be here soon, say what you gotta say LOL

Do they force one to upgrade? Bugs have been there for years? And STILL you buy it?!
I’d have moved on long ago if it was that bad.
In ANY software you care to look at there’s ALWAYS bugs that are never getting fixed.
I look at it this way. Cubase has a few thousand functions. And about 20 bugs tops. I just do the math…

(waits for wailing, gnashing of teeth and criticism police) :mrgreen:

The only thing I can guess is that the things you and I have asked for… (improved workflow, focus key commands, and bug fixes) are not the things that sell new units to new users. What would be appealing to a new user? A cool looking mix console. New and improved Loop Mash. More VSTI’s? Chord Tracks. Vari-Audio. Media bay. Another reverb. I’m sure Im missing a few features that have seduced new users into buying 7 or 7.5.

I’ll second that, C7.5 still feels unfinished. The upcoming update reflects that: Fixing over 60 issues in a software towards the end of its lifecycle really shouldn’t be necessary. C6.5 was definitively more stable at that point.

:mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

The mix console screen on my multi monitor setup still freezes once or twice a session since I upgraded to 7.5 and it still happens in 7.5.10. The ENTIRE mix console and opened plugins freeze while the project screen and other applications on the other monitors are just fine. To fix it I have to hit F3 (to close) then hit F3 again and it comes back to life. I’ve reported it in the issues section but no feedback. I’ve also given up on the BS that plugins hide behind the mixer. It’s like Steinberg tests using only plain 1 monitor vanilla setups.

Do they test using 2, 3 or 4 monitors (I use 4)?

Do they hook up 3rd party external hardware as part of their testing or just their own hardware?

Unless Steinberg’s adopts a temporary strategy of “STOP ADDING STUFF AND FIX ALL BUGS FIRST”, then I believe this might be my last version of Cubase unless things change… and this is coming from someone who was defending their business practice up until a week ago

My apologies I didn’t know you meant special bugs in Cubase 7 exclusively. :mrgreen: Got lost with those OT posts later that mentioned OLD bugs that were still there.
BUT. Where exactly did I tell anyone what to do? Maybe that’s why people buy software they don’t like and complain about. Because they think Steinberg tells them to. :mrgreen:
Lighten up. (maybe that’s telling you what do but what the heck) Most miseryarsed forum on the planet or what? :laughing:

Why are you here with a serious problem like that? You need to contact support. Have you contacted support? Complaining here is USELESS. The general forum is for the odd problem someone else might do you quick fix, bit of user advice etc.

sorry Buchanan, but doesn´t it get boring singing the same old song day in day out?
Your snobbist and trolling attitude is a real pain and a punch in the face of the many folks here who take their precious time to point out serious workflow problems and bugs in Cubase 7. Most of the time, there is no bashing and whining involved, but the justified wish to have Cubase improved!
Man, your Mr.-know-it-all motivation stays puzzling…

Woah!! Step back Jack! Have you gone lost yo mind??

Do you think this is my first rodeo?

That I don’t know how to open up a Steinberg Support ticket?

Who the are you? The almighty sage?

Don’t get cheesed off at me because it’s contrary to your banal narrative. Also read the entire thread…I am not the only one here echoing chronic issues.

Such brave talk when you have miles of fibre optic cable between you and the recipient of your elitist attitude.