What is Steinberg MediaBay?

In a latest Download Assistant update process I see that there are new pieces installed. It’s MediaBay_Installer_win64 in a row of other necessary things (eLicenserControlSetup, Steinberg_Install_Assistant, Steinberg_Activation_Manager) that Download Assistant is updating in a bunch.

Does it mean that MediaBay becomes standalone like Library Manager or it’s just a tool that adds instruments to MediaBay when they were downloaded inside of Download Assistant? But as far as I know this job is Library Manager’s hands.

I think it’s just the mediabay engine, i.e. the database that indexes everything as a service. The library manager is used to manage it.

This is a component of Halion 7 and Halion Sonic 7 (the latter can be downloaded for free, replacing Halion Sonic SE).

In the past, all Steinberg plug-ins had separate MediaBays. Halion 7 and Halion Sonic 7 are the first Steinberg plug-ins to have an unified MediaBay, meaning that all your preset ratings and etc will apply to both plug-ins, even if you have both of them open at the same time.


If the Halion MediaBay could somehow integrate with the Cubase Mediabay in the future that would be epic.

Does it mean that sooner or later this unified MediaBay will be unifying for any Steinberg product that uses presets?

The intention of developing this “MediaBay for All” was indeed the unification of all MediaBay databases, across all Steinberg products. But the Cubase and Nuendo MediaBay have some more features like UserAttributes, ExternalDatabases and additional file-types that are not part of the first MediaBay release.


Does that mean that when creating a new patch in HALion it goes into two media libraries now then? If so what happens if you delete from one, does it update the other?

Would that make MediaBay significantly slower than currently is? Meaning including all things in one place.
Cause here I am often struggling with my 350 000 files all tagged database.
Often in practice needed to point to some small folder tree and get all tags appeared, than select tag(or deselect that i previously picked) and after selecting desired tag get into full folder tree.

Is there any room for improvements on the overall response of the MediaBay and being more faster especially with custom tags etc. Can we expect some improvements in future versions of Cubendo?

The database backend is currently the same as before, so there should be no change in lookup speed. For Cubase and Nuendo the data does not necessarily need to go into one database file: the current concept of volume databases allows to partition your content per volume (drive).

There is room for improvement, but it is too early to make any promises. We surely have the big library use-cases in mind and will evaluate features and options carefully.

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The thing is I afraid is not go backwards and making things less workable as it happens when we all remember when 10 was released, it was big step back in terms of gui response in comparing with good old 9.5, we literally bleed till 11 got sort it out to some extend meanwhile removing gloss look on parts/events etc. Having experience that myself my concerns on MediaBay which is definitely the most important thing for my work and workflow in general are justified.

Also really glad to hear that there are room for improvements and I am really looking for them :smiling_face:

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So now, no matter what, I can’t install this program. Please repair and push it as soon as possible,

@357688934 The SteinbergMediaBayServer is installed automatically by the Download Assistent, in case of an error a separate download of the installer is available via help links. Please try that. Also try a reinstall of SDA. There might be additional info the Steinberg Support knows to query, so please open a support ticket via the link I provided in your other thread. I am MediaBay developer, I have no insight into the installer technology and don’t know nor have the time to query for installation logs. Maybe someone else can help out. Please don’t hijack this thread.

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Hi @Romantique_Tp , just to confirm please, HSSE has been replaced by Halion Sonic 7, for free?

I’ll look for the link for differences between the two. HSSE here still, maybe because I haven’t updated since 12.0.30.

Thank for heads up!

@alexis, HS7 is upgrade from HS3 like H7 is upgrade from H6. So it’s a bit different thinking.
HSSE was free all this time. Now HS7 is free therefore HSSE isn’t needed anymore.
But there are software that is still using HSSE (Dorico, VST Live).
Cubase just disable loading of HSSE, but it’s still in your system.

That’s very helpful, @jeanweaver , thank you :slight_smile:

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I would say it’s better to uninstall any oldies and use only HS7.
Dorico works good with HS7, VST Live works good with HS7. Cubase by default hides HSSE and you can access only HS7 even if you have HSSE still installed on your system.

But there is one little inconvenience - HS7 with its MediaBay shows only presets that are for Halion Sonic (also old HSSE), but not those you bought separately from Absolute.