What mouse are you using?

Thinking of getting the Logitech MX Master Mouse - http://www.logitech.com/en-us/product/mx-master

What mouse are you currently using, is it configured for better workflow/comfort?

Im using the logitech M570 - no complaints, but wish it was more configurable.

I am using a Razor Orochi, but I don’t use the 4 extra buttons on the side. I guess I could configure them, but haven’t bothered.

The thumbwheel on the MX Master looks pretty cool though. If I could scroll horizontally in Cubase without having to hold shift, it would be very useful.

You should have an option to press down on your mouse wheel … i configured mine to the grab function for side/every other direction.

Also I only have 2 extra buttons, but i configured those to scroll back and forth to my different time markers… it save a crap load of time!

Using the Apple Magic Mouse for years, the multitouch surface allows me to scroll horizontally which I can’t live without with. Not the most comfy mouse but it does its job.

I am also using Logitech M570 for years. It is great.


I use one of these 20 button Logitech G600. The 12 thumb buttons I have configured to be different in all 3 banks, giving me 36 shortcuts to various macros and key commands. The tuff thing about that is to remember them all. I have color coded the 3 banks, red, green, blue (the buttons glow in that color) but still.

I would be lost with so many buttons! :laughing:

This sounds pretty awesome actually…

Do you still need to look at where your thumb is pressing… or is it pretty much muscle memory by now?

For almost 3 years that i have this one: http://www.kensington.com/us/us/4493/k72337us/orbit™-trackball-with-scroll-ring#.VUpci87KJsQ. Easy to work and configure, easy on the wrists and hands, and the scroll-ring can be configured to zoom or navigate. And the price was ok…

I sometimes have to look, but the most used are for copy, paste, undo and that sort of often used commands, I do without. It’s nice not having to move the hand away from the mouse to often. But I have to say it took me a while getting used to it, and figuring out how best to utilize the keys.

Know what you mean about remembering what’s what - both for mouse buttons and Key Commands. I solved it by making a table in Excel (or whatever). Then I made a graphic image of the table with the PC snipping tool and set that as my windows background image. Now I just scoot the mouse to the lower right corner and find what I’m looking for.

I wonder if actually being forced to move the hand away from the mouse now and then helps keep RMI (repetitive motion injury) at bay a little bit?

With key commands, I almost never take my hand off the mouse. I can do just about any key command with just my left hand and the right hand stays on the mouse. And, with mouse modifiers (shift, ctrl, alt) you obviously still need to have a hand in the mouse. A mouse button, just means you may not need to use your left hand too.

Problem I have is the 4 extra buttons on the side of my mouse (2 each side) are a bit fiddly to use as the mouse is quite small. I like the size of the mouse as I just grip it with the tips of my thumb and fingersand move my fingers, but my wrist stays pretty still. I don’t “palm” the mouse.
I looked at the dimensions of the MX Master and it looks petty huge. I think you would need to “palm” that mouse, which would make using the thumb wheel easy, but maybe not suit my mouse style.

same here :smiley:

On my general purpose computer I use a completely different shaped pointing device (it looks like a joystick but doesn’t tilt) than on my DAW just to mix up how my hand gets used.

I’ve been using Logitech Performance MX a long time ago.
It’s my 4th, and I love it…
I hope they don’t discontinue it…

func. well price and comfortable. much better than standard types.

if would change i would add more weight… I like a heavy mouse. :smiling_imp:

I can recommend mmo gaming mice for working :wink:

Raza Naga for example. 12 buttons on the side plus some on top of the mouse are pretty awesome.

you should try a wide grip, like func. it lets you grip between all fingers instead of just thumb and fore fingers. weighty mouse let you fingers grip as the weight seems to counteract gripping…