What mouse are you using?

Hows the tracking with this?

Hi BriHar, Is this a real USB mouse and are the rotary wheels actually working?

I use a simple Logitech BT mouse now but I’m considering these two:


Does someone has real life experience with the Griffin Powermate USB / bluetooth version or the 3dconnexion SpaceMouse® Family? They look very cool but I wonder if they actually work properly with Cubase?

Yes it was a promotional item from Roland-Boss. Not the most comfortable mouse but does everything a standard mouse should. The wheel on the side is like a scroll wheel but minus the click.

Is there anybody that has some experience with the Logitech Mx Master mouse. I just got one but i can’t get it to do the things i want to. i did set-up in logitech options software but it don’t seem to work.

anybody any ideas?

For those using the MX Master, I found a way to use the side scroll wheel in Cubase.

X Mouse Button Control

It lets you assign custom actions to mouse buttons as well as remap. The assignments can be system wide or application specific. I have it set just to work when for Cubase.

I have set it to send “Simulated Keys {SHIFT}{MWUP}” when I scroll left and “Simulated Keys {SHIFT}{MWDN}” when I scroll right.

I have also set it to reverse the regular scroll when when SHIFT is held down. This means that when I do use shift to scroll left and right, the mouse wheel works the same way as it does in every other Windows program (up moves left, down moves right).

This will work for any mouse if you want to enable side scrolling or you want SHIFT + mousewheel to behave like most other programs, not just the MX Master.

Here are some screenshots in case it’s a bit confusing.

Hope that helps someone.


Razer DeathAdder Gaming Mouse. Love it!

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I’m trying to set up the mx master,. Cant seem to get the horizontal scrolling working.

Logitech trackball. As I use a mouse all day for work I use a trackball just to change the usage profile of my hand and wrist in a bid to hopefully reduce RSI.

Logitech G500S

i always find myself returning to the plain, simple and cheap microsoft intellimouse.

i have gone through your most expensive logitechs, but there has always been something wrong; whether it’s been down to my claw grip being incompatible with most of them, the weigth, the stiffness of the middle-button press (which is important in cubase), or the lack of movement precision with any wireless model, i’ve always had to throw the towel in pretty shortly and go back to the microsoft mouse. i am still waiting for a model to drop that would combine the ergnomics of the intellimouse with more buttons / macro options. perhaps the razers?

i tried this one, but the macro buttons were too hard to depress, it literally made me tired with repeated use. maybe it’s down to certain revisions of the mouse?

i use the powermates in cubase, but note that they officially don’t support any version of windows after XP i believe. i get the occassional software / driver issue with it, where it forgets its settings and i need to manually reload them. i would discourage from buying for anything other than a Mac. they do look pretty cool though and everyone entering the studio inquires about them. :wink:

I use an Apple Magic Trackpad. Haven’t used a mouse in a couple of years. I also use the iC Pro remote on my iPhone.

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mouse? I’m using a trackball here, it’s great.

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Awesome - many thanks

Me too. Exactly my experiences in a nutshell.

I’ve tried the Kensington, and some of the Logitechs, and in the end I just go back to a simple, basic mouse as well.

But each to his own.

I guess the idea would be to try them out for yourself but make sure you can return them.

Steelseries sensei

AWESOME you’re a saviour! Thanks so much!!! :slight_smile:

I am using the MX Master - great mouse, feels great in my hand, not too big, not too small just around the right size!
Also it is possible to personalize it to suit your everyday needs! My only downside is the price tag that it comes with! But what do I care really? I bought it already :laughing: