What mouse are you using?

Gotta say, the reason I bought a new MX master mouse is that I bought the original MX in what must have been at least ten years back as I was still using XP…and it is still performing flawlessly with the original rechargeable battery still good for a full week’s use.

10 years or more is such an impressive feat for a mouse that when I was looking to get another mouse I switched the old MX to my other machine and got an MX Master for my main machine. 79€ not a bad price at all for this quality and comfort, the shape and weight and everything is perfect.

Sane here with a matching keyboard. Had never failed me.

I am using this one

which is the same as this one

I remap the third top button with Autohotkey.

Decided to get away from the magic mouse since its a scrolling nightmare at times in Cubase. What are your suggestions? How is the Logitech MX 2S?

my mouse: Acer 5 Buttons Gamer Pc Optical Laptop 8694

Using Logitech mouse and i am really enjoying it.

I use the same mouse for my job and I must say that it’s not bad. Check here to see my work.

The Microsoft Sculpt … clicking the scroll wheel left or right scrolls horizontally in Cubase.

Using Logitech MX Master. Its really amazing

Redragon M602 Wired Gaming Mouse…

Logitech MX Master 2S. Its really cool and smooth mouse for daily computer work.


Since a few months back I’ve used a Logitech MK545 advanced wireless Keyboard & Mouse combo:
It has a USB-reciever, so takes up one USB-port though… But it works very well, had no problems so far.

Note: I first bought a different version (last summer) of this same type of wireless keyboard & mouse combo (also Logitech), but that one kept losing its connection to the computer and it was plain horrible. This one works though and I’ve used it since on a daily basis for months now and with no problems at all!

//Many regards from Robin.

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Can you elaborate on that? Do you use this with Dorico and/or Cubase/Nuendo?

Kensington Expert Mouse. While browsing, the 2.25" scroll wheel controls the vertical and the trackball is left to right. However, in WL or Cubase the two controls reverse parameters. I should mention that when first I tried it I didn’t like it, the horizontal movement seemed too uncontrollable with GUI mixers and even moving around plugin interfaces. Then I saw Dave Pensado using one in a video. What he did was put two fingers on opposite sides of the wheel (like picking up a baseball) and I saw that he could control the curser perfectly, keeping it steady on the horizontal and avoiding the trackball completely (which I was always nudging when turning the scroll wheel with one finger). Doh! So I plugged it back in (always using the Microsoft driver, btw) and now it’s a breeze to use.

As to controlling Cubase, you need to search the Cubase forum and see what is going on with the PreSonus Faderport V2 and two independant script writers, originally a man named WEM and then a different man named Christian (who got involved after WEM took a long break). You don’t have to believe me, but Christian has taken the Faderport V2 to a different Universe! There is no mouse or other controller that can touch what Christian has created here.

apple magic pad or track pad for me too, i couldn’t live without the swiping to scroll any more, and customising it to use modifiers with better touch tool is pretty great

Apple Magic Pad here for years.

I’m using the Logitech MX Master 3 with Windows 10. I find it very good; you can customize all the buttons as well as the scroll wheel button with many functions separately for each software. Very cool.

I tried many in the past. I have been using the “Microsoft Precision Mouse” for several years. It’s perfect for me, but the battery needs charging again every 2 or 3 weeks. For this reason, I have two of them, so I can swap to one with a fully charged battery anytime.

MX Ergo here, have been using trackballs forever & this is one of the best,if not ‘the best’ No moving about on the desk or console.

I have tried several mouse options, bnut the I finally ended up with, is a cabled Razor Deathadder. It a rather cheap product made for gambling, but it has high resolution and works perfectly and reliable.