What new features to expect for Cubase 6.5.x update?

I don’t know if Steinberg has mentioned any of the new stuff that will come with the 6.5 update or the expected release date. Can we please get a teaser of some kind? :slight_smile:


Cubase 6.5 will be release very soon. Wait for it. :wink: There are few very nice features. :wink:

Generic Remote overhaul?
Routable, clipbased automation tracks?
Vst Instrument rack presets / Media Bay support?
Renameable rack Instruments?
EQ preset/Fx plugin Media Bay support?
Mixer Channel preset Media Bay Support?
Channel Plugins Container window?

Cooool!!! :slight_smile:

Be patient. :wink:

one view mixer?
dockable windows?
all windows allways on top?
bounce in place?
simple onboard sampler?
compare/copy/paste plugin buttons?
multi instrument tracks?
mastering track / mastering tools?
bounce to arranger parts / makers?
live trigger / arranger track?
inverted/optically matched key editor?
full drag/drop??

hope so.

@ TabSel: + 1 !


there are some features in the Cubase 6, you wrote.

Bounce in Place: Select the Audio region and choose Audio > Bounce Selection menu. This is Bounce In Place, isn’t it?

You can use Multi-instrument tracks. Choose Devices > VST Instruments menu. Insert VST Instrument into the “rack”. Than, you can send data from any MIDI channel to this “rack” and use instruments in multi-timbral mode.

Mastering Track – there is Stereo Out, like Master track.

You can use Markers for live triggering.

What do you mean the “Bounce to Arranger Parts”, please?


Bounce in place, as with Logic 9, includes the plugs the track has. It’s an easy and fast way to get it.

Rumour has it that we will have the option of the old style lanes back, that is all I wish for in this update :slight_smile:

True, Bounce In Place, which is in Logic, is great.

20:09 and still no C6.5 ??? :imp:

OK, I’ll sleep on it! :laughing:

Btw: Where do you find information about Cubase 6.5 release? There is Cubase 6.0.5, now. What about Cubase 6.1, for example?

I was assuming YOU had information about future updates based on your response above.

Aloha and +1

From that I thought you may have been a beta tester???

Btw: Where do you find information about Cubase 6.5 release? There is Cubase 6.0.5, now. What about Cubase 6.1, for example?

Then I thought… Na

I was about to say. You seem like an undercover Steinberg agent, in knowledge and conduct. :confused:

+1 for this. Not only Logic can do this.

OK, I´m an idiot, no more information from me to this thread. :blush: I will disable notification to my email. :mrgreen:

Btw: This tread has been named …Cubase 6.5.x update, so I wasn´t the first one. :confused:

It will be legen… wait for it. :sunglasses:

No. You have a bounce command in cubase, this is correct. And of course you can import the bounce as a separate new track into cubase. But this takes several mouse clicks, especially the placement must be defined first. “Bounce in Place” renders the selected area and exchanges it on the same position - with one (!) command, automatically.

No. In Instrument tracks you have Midi and VSTi-Automation all in one. Much clearer.

No. I mean an ID-Mastering-Track, like in Wavelab. This has nothing to do with regular Master (sum) Tracks.

No. It´s not the same. In Steinberg´s Sequel you can trigger Arranger Parts with Midi Notes per keyboard. Perfect for live situations on stage e.g.

my idea: this would be ideal to bounce different song sections, automatically. great time saver.
(BTW: Nuendo has: bounce to marker)