What's gone - Which good features were removed?

I was rather shocked to read in another thread that the mixer-channel-type colours (like purple for FX returns) have gone. :cry: I expect there’ll be other stuff, also sadly missed.

SB’s website has a “what’s new” web-page, but no “what’s been axed” web-page. :slight_smile:

Would anyone like to mention in this thread any vanished features that they’re disappointed to have lost?

(ie features gone rather than new bugs)

I suppose HALion ONE deserves a mention, although it has been replaced by HALion Soniq SE; not disappointed at the loss of it though really … and more than compensated for by the ability to load HSO content!

XP support. Although it may still work under XP…


…into an interface that looks half decent instead of the crazy old HSO GUI

You can no longer record audio. You can only drag loops into loopmash and render those to audio tracks . :smiling_imp:

But how can I turn a MIDI into sound?

fxb/fxp still missing

ah, but it’s Loopmash 2, don’t you know? :laughing:


Because there is no audio left to record. It’s all on iTunes and YouTube. They’re changing the name to BeatLoop next year. The backgrounds purple and it got horrible taste.

Does that count as a feature remove? Sounds like just a product renaming.

It’s not renamed…

Removing the ability to record audio was a request by many in the industry, along with the inundated requests for Loopmash 2 (following on from the resounding success of Loopmash 1 and this became our priority to update over all other issues outstanding)

We may consider adding the feature of being able to record, some time in the future, as a new feature on the tin of Cubase 7. Usual upgrade charges at that time will apply.

I wonder if Controller 64 (sustain) messages are still broken as in Halion One? They never did fix that one.

Cubase8 has been announced. This version has had all relevant recording features removed leaving only Moveable Frozen Parts dangled as a must-have feature for new users.

There is otherwise, just a Cubase logo to look at and a link to the forum. :mrgreen: :mrgreen:


They seem to have removed that big number 5 and replaced it with a 6.

Yeah, that almost makes it exactly 1 better!

transparent events ?? I hope it is still here but with this whole visual remodeling… i fear it’s gone…

What are transparent events?

it’s an option in the preference dialog (at event display tab If I remember) which allow to set the background of events to be transparent… so that when moving an audio event above an other you can superpose the two waveforms and then see what you are doing… it ease editing a lot for me…

It seems it’s gone, I couldn’t find it in the documentation.
hope the behaviour of the new display is like “transparent”… :unamused: