Whats happened to the HALion page at the main SB website.?

Never loads - it flashes for a second, then just presents a blank page.

Am trying to select it from ‘Instruments’ drop-down…
HALion: VST Sampler & Sound Design System | Steinberg
I’m on Edge browser, latest…

Everything else at the site works perfectly fine.

Interested in buying an update…

Works perfectly fine here, in my case in Chrome

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Thanks for responding. Interesting.

So, still no good for Edge browser here. Its weird, because every other menu choice from there, loads without issue…

(PS - was hoping to see this in the Cyber weeks sale… ho-hum… )

The HALion page works in Firefox but is broken in Edge on my Windows 11 system.

Absolute is in Cyber Weeks, which includes HALion 7. I have just posted in another thread on the advantages and drawbacks of Absolute.

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Something seems to be broken on steinbergs website I guess. Here on Firefox I can’t access the Halion page, but on Brave browser it works correctly. Strange

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Thanks… yes, have now checked its broken on my Win 11 Laptop and Edge too… don’t know how to get this flagged to SB website devs though…

Cyber weeks ‘Absolute 6’ is a no-go for me, since I only really want HALion 7 (as upgrade from v6). Thanks for the pointer anyway.!

Agreed. Maybe we should ‘tag’ someone from SB in here… don’t know whom, mind, without being a little rude… I can imagine this would just get lost going through normal support channels…

They might know about it, but I’ll try this –
@Ben_at_Steinberg @Ed_Doll


Much appreciated Steve.! Fingers crossed…

I think our work here is done…!

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I’ve passed this onto the appropriate people. Thanks for reporting!


Great news @Ben_at_Steinberg - thanks for your attention.

Thanks Ben:)

We were able to reproduce and fix the issue. Apparently the page was not cached correctly in our CDN. We have rebuilt the cache and now the site should work again. If this is not the case, please let us know. Thanks for your help!

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Sorry to say @Jonas_Baumbach , the page is still not loading here… either from the site or from the link I posted in my OP.

I’ve shut everything down and restarted my machine - laptop, Win11. Still not happening.

Could you please try to load the page in a private tab/window? Maybe there’s an old version of the page stored in your local browser cache. Thank you!

Done - sorry, still not happening…

I continue to search…

We should see if others who’ve posted, are good now… might be something my end…?

Not loading here either.


Strange. The first time I tried the link in the OP it flashed the page for a split second then loaded a blank white page. Went directly to the main Steinberg site and clicked the Instruments dropdown and then HALion. Loaded fine. Came back here, tried the same link again. Loaded fine :face_with_diagonal_mouth: .

This was on a Windows 10 PC using Edge browser.