What's next Steinberg? Do tell...

Would love to know what we can expect in the next update :wink:

Holding out for more key commands in the Mix Console.

Shortcuts for mix console’s 2/3 would be good in case ‘mix console 1’ is still acting mad after the update he he :laughing:

I can’t tell if the :laughing: in your post means you’re being facetious or not, but there are keyboard shortcuts for the all three Mixers. f3, f4, f5 are the defaults.

Hey Steve (and Steve’s snake),

Facetious me naaa :wink: but thanks for the info - although its strange you mentioned the defaults for mix console’s 2/3 being f4/f5 respectively, as I haven’t messed with my key mappings, but on mine the mix console’s 2/3 are undefined by default (unless I killed em by accident - which judging by my typing is possible)! I never really cared as I had no reason to use them previously, but alas on the last update my mix console 1 finally went nuts - so I’ve been using the 3rd one as a remedy! Anyway, as for what Steinberg might magic up next in their Cubase cauldron - the mind boggles but its exciting, and I’m looking forward to the announcement! :stuck_out_tongue:


Kat :slight_smile:

You’re right, those are not defaults. Well, they were at some point in history, or I set them up lo these many years ago.

Bounce in place

Multi paned single window layout for arrange page

Please :smiley:

You know… for the first time in 6 months… i’m not desperate for a new update. I mean, I look forward to all new updates… but i’m happy at the moment with 7.04, getting lots of work done, a LOT faster than I did in 6.5

Inquiring minds want to know.

Genuinely curious… why faster?

what did You do wrong in 6.5 ???

And how can more clicking be faster than less clicking ???

Jan, smooth sailing on 6.5 … till 7.5 or 8 allows fast working again …

Ready to buy this! :slight_smile:

Short wish list …


I would love to see some type of pattern-based editing feature added in version 7.5

This could be a re-design of the current Arranger Track and its GUI, or a totally new editing feature that offers pattern-style editing in Cubase 7.5 imho. This will be an amazing feature to have in Cubase 7 .


That Performance Meter/dialog from Studio One is, as someone else said, a thing of beauty… :slight_smile:

Bounce in place is pretty much the only thing I would REALLY like to see in Cubase now.

Another thing that would be nice but highly unlikely to happen is if VST instruments could be loaded in a similar fashion to Logic or Pro Tools, like as an insert on the midi/instrument track itself. I’ve always found it a little annoying to hit F11, load the instrument, then hunt for it amidst the (literally) hundreds of tracks my sessions usually have, then reorganize it.

What’s also a little annoying is that if the pop-up comes “do you want to create a midi track associated with …” and you click yes, the midi track appears somewhere in the session whereas the instrument track appears miles away in that tiny little VST instruments folder. Bit of a clusterfuck arranging everything coherently.

Hey all, :slight_smile:

If you’re listening steiny pretty PLEASE (with sugar on top) put a MIDI port/connection REFRESH BUTTON in setup so that PC users don’t have to constantly close and reopen Cubase 7 every time they need to change something or their MIDI controller randomly decides to go to sleep for no apparent reason (etc etc etc) - that would be major kudos! :sunglasses:

Its only a tiny request but has still somehow been ignored and continues to drive me nuts since its release but I know many users would appreciate this! (dam why is there no ‘beg’ emoticon?!) Hell if you’re too busy just point me at that pesky API and I’ll code it myself!!! :nerd: :laughing:

Kat :stuck_out_tongue:


_Cubase / Cubase Artist / Cubase Elements 7.0.5 announcement
by Helge Vogt » Thu Jun 20, 2013 5:06 am
Dear Cubase 7, Cubase Artist 7 and Cubase Elements 7 users,
We are happy to announce the upcoming 7.0.5 maintenance updates for Cubase 7, Cubase Artist 7 and Cubase Elements 7!

Here is what’s new:
• Key Commands to select Control Link groups
• Key Commands for Channel and Rack configurations



I’d take well done Bounce in Place over extra key commands for the mix console all day long.

Being able to name the linked groups, having just a number is a PITA. Come on SB how difficult can it be to by able to type in a name instead of having just a number … pretty please :slight_smile:

VCA’s … 7.5 ?
Linked automation editing
Moveable mixer channels

These three are just so fundamental to having a professional mixer and would finally end any desire to own PT HD.

Bounce in place would be very nice of course.

I don’t think I’v ever worked in a DAW that didn’t have movable mixer channels and the only reason that I can think of that SB doesn’t do this is a must be a real bitch to code. It’s such a basic feature and I can’t believe they wouldn’t implement this if it was reasonably easy to do.