When I delete a midi note the rest shift left (Cubase 6.5)

I’ve been using 6.5 on a Mac for years. Suddenly tonight, whenever I delete a midi note, every subsequent note shifts left. Can’t figure out what I’ve activated, nor how to deactivate it. I’ve scoured the internet for a solution. Deleted my prefs file. Attempting to reinstall now but my optical drive is down so using my original install disc is out. Downloading ISO to mount virtually and install fresh that way.

My workflow is completely down until I get this solved.

Might have a look at this:


Are you somehow using that command?

You have custom shortcut mapping or something?

You probably have the Shuffle snap type enabled. Change this using the toolbar.

Romantique Tp, that was it! I never (purposefully) mess with the snap mode in my key editor so that completely threw me. Thanks kindly!

Thanks also Tacman7. I appreciate the response.