When is Cubase 12 coming out

“The next version of Cubase will bring not only inspiring new features and significant workflow improvements

inspiring new features
significant workflow improvements

“, but it will also be backed by new Steinberg Licensing”

So the licensing is secondary.

Cubase 12 will help you to create faster and focus on your music, with more flexibility

Clip Launcher I read, Clip Launcher.

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but when??? What I do think, is that it is a little unfair that Steinberg only give free updates to those who recently updated to C11, and that there is not at least a discount for C12 for those who updated since C11 came out, thinking that there would be 11.5…

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How is that?

The grace period started at the same time as if it were 11.5.


How, how is that? … is very clear, only those who have updated to 11 when it was supposedly the time of release 11.5, (which does not exist or happened) are eligible for the grace period, but those who updated since the day 1 when 11 came out, do not have a grace period because there was never a version 11.5 to buy, wait and use the grace period, is not so difficult to understand…

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Hm. You do realize that if you have an Cubase 11 activation you have not used, when you activate it you get the grace period?


I don’t see how a non-existent 11.5 figures into anything - calling it 11.5 or 12.0 is basically a cosmetic naming difference. It’s the next major (read paid) Cubase release since 11.0, independent of how they decided to name it.

Dropping the convention of using x.5 to designate major releases is long overdue. It has always caused confusion where folks think the x.5 is free and then discover it costs the same as an x.0 release and get angry about it. They could (and should) have changed the naming scheme back at 7.0 or earlier.

Then instead of the version numbers we got:
7.0, 7.5, 8.0, 8.5, 9.0, 9.5, 10.0, 10.5 & 11.0

We would have instead gotten the same capabilities at the same cost but named:
7.0, 8.0, 9.0, 10.0, 11.0, 12.0, 13.0, 14.0 and our current version would be named 15.0

The grace period has always been for folks who buy the current version of Cubase (no matter what it was named) a short time before the next version is released. That’s exactly what is happening here, except because of the license change they pre-announced the grace period and lengthened it a bit.

It’s not like 9.5 was a refinement of 9.0 - it was as much of a complete major new version as 10.0 was over 9.5.

If the next version was named 11.5 instead of 12.0 would you expect that grace period to extend back to the 11.0 release?


So are you saying that you wanted to pay the update to 11.5 in November (which never existed), and then get version 12 for free when it’s released?

I think if that happened you’d be far more frustrated that you’ve paid for a product and 3 months later can’t use it, or even know when it’s coming out. That seems a really strange wish to me.

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I just realized why I’m anticipating things from C12. Awhile back new versions of Cubase were released at all different times of the year. But more recently they shifted to an end of year pattern - presumably to leverage holiday shopping, which makes perfect business sense. However this time they skipped a holiday season release. This suggests that the new version has enough new features that it wouldn’t be ready by the holidays.

Or maybe it’s just that covid messed up the staffing & schedule.

For the moment, I’m going with the pony

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Like many of you, I use the music nonmonic to determine the number of days in a month.

We know that February is special so we start chromatically from F using flats.

F January 31
Gb February 28 (it’s flat so it has fewer days)
G March (31)
Ab April (30)
A May (31)
Bb June (30)
B July (31)
C August (31)
Db September (30)
D October (31)
Eb November (30)
E December (31)

Cubase starts with a C, so we are looking at August.


I’ve never heard of that before. I was taught to count the knuckles (31) and spaces between them (30 & Feb.) where the fingers attach to the hand. When you get to the last knuckle, double count it to start heading back again.

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My Chinese teacher taught me that one. Apparently it’s very common.
So yea, I made that up back then, but I wasn’t the first one to think of it.

She also taught me a way to count to 10 on one hand, which is also common in Chinese markets. So I came up with the plan to be able to count form 0 to 31 on one hand using binary. Fingers up are 1s, fingers down are 0s.

Problematic when you get to 4 though.


You are missing the point, some of us activated since 11 was released, some of us may have expected to buy 11.5 without activating it to wait for version 12… since v8 I have been doing it that way and im sure im not the only one doing it on this way.

it’s not the number, it’s the price, I didn’t think it was so hard to explain the point… Do you think version 12 is going to cost the same as 11.5 would have cost? The price will be like if you jump from 8 to 9, or from 10 to 11… if there had been an 11.5 version, you could save some euros by having the possibility to buy an 11.5 without activating it until 12 comes out, how would we know that from 11 we will jump to 12…? I mean, not everybody when buying 11, would want to wait from that point to 12… some of us always wait between versions to dot 5, to save the activation until the major update is released…

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if you have not activated version 11, great, you anticipated something, you will skip some versions and you will have version 12 when it comes out…

On the other hand, if you activated version 11 from the moment it was released and you are not inside the grace period, I am sorry to tell you that you will have to pay more money than if there had been a version 11.5 in the middle, does it still seem like a strange wish to you? it seems more strange to me that you don’t take into account such a basic calculation, it’s Steinberg, if you thought that from 11 to 12 you were going to pay 100 usd, you are creating an unrealistic expectation, as the most likely thing is that you will pay 160 usd… :man_shrugging:

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Do you want Pros Tool Subscription model? because this is how that happens.

If you activated 11 when it came out, then you have got your money’s worth since that time. You have got to use 11 with all of it’s new features for quite a while now.

If you just got 11 then and they release 12 right after and ask you to pony up for it again, then that wouldn’t be very nice sure. But if you paid for 11 and you got to use 11, now it’s time to pay for 12 to use 12. The Engineers and designers who work on this product deserve some credit. They deserve to be paid for what they do.

Say hypothetically you were asked to write a theme for season 11 of American pseudo reality TV, and also an additional mid-season theme, along the same lines, but for a reduced price. They decide that what would have been a mid season theme change is to be used as the full theme for season 12, but they don’t want to pay royalties etc. for season 12 as a full theme because they already paid for the same piece as a mid season theme for season 11. You would be flicked off, and so would the AMF, right? They would rightly insist that your net would be fixed to match the appropriate agreed to royalties for a full theme. But they insist that they would be paying twice because they never used the mid season theme form season 11.5. So you come to an agreement that season 11 full theme is paid at full season 11 theme rate, and that you will also get full royalties and payment for season 12 theme, and you graciously agree to rework it with improvements and changes they have requested. I would say that you are giving American pseudo reality TV exactly what they disserve, and you are getting what you disserve in return. 2 full themes at the price of 2 full themes.

Seems fair.

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Personally, I don’t expect or think anything, I look at what’s presented to me, what the cost is and make a decision then.

If it’s not worth the money I wait until it’s on sale at a price I’m happy to play. It’s really simple.

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What a weird way to exemplify, no, subscriptions don’t work that way, and on the other hand I’m not saying that developers don’t deserve to be paid.

The grace period exists, that’s a fact, and they give it to you to use as you like to have some free versions, as simple as that, if I buy 11 and I was willing to buy 11.5 without activating it so I can have 12 for free, that’s fair, in the end I’m paying and I think as users who support the product constantly for his development, we also deserve something for the sustenance we give them. Not having an option (point five), for which I can pay, eliminates the possibility of having a free version for our constant payments, I do not know why it is so hard to understand the point that in this case, at least those of us who are not elegible for the grace period of V11 due the missing 11.5, should have a discount…

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so… lets see…

The grace period exists when Steinberg wants it to. Updates and versions are released when Steinberg says they are good and ready. There is nothing set in stone that says ‘This is the way it is every year’. They can decide to change that at any time and you are not guaranteed a ‘grace period’ at all. It just happens that’s the way its worked out in the past, and guess what, now things are different. They don’t owe anyone anything, the sense of entitlement some people seem to have is mind blowing, like the guy that thinks Steinberg should compensate him for all his old plugins that don’t work in todays environment or wont work in future versions without VST2 heh.


LOL… grace period exist every time you decide not to activate a new version you buy… everyone has known that for years… so you are a bit wrong to say that it exists only when Steinberg wants it to, it is something they have fixed as one of their policies. So, guess what! it’s not written in a stone, but in their corporate policies it is written, and by the way the VST2 topic, it will be a economical disaster for Steinberg, just look at the 99% of the comments to this change on the Steinberg facebook page…

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