When is Cubase 6.53 coming?

Wondering…it’s been a long time…

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Hey everyone. Just a quick poll here. I am still in 6.0.7 (mac, 64 bit, OS 10.6.8). I am considering upgrading to 6.5, as 6.0.7 is kind of, well, worthless. Many bugs, and since they released 6.5 they haven’t done any new release for the v6 users. I am happy to upgrade to 6.5, but if I pay to upgrade from one glitchy version to another I am going to be very annoyed. The main problems that I am having with v6.0.7 that are driving me nuts are the following:

  • VST Bridge Crash!!! The VST bridge will crash sometimes, which not only requires you to reopen your session, but that session also loses your VST plugin settings, so you have to revert to your last session even if you do not save the crashed one! This is a nightmare!!!

  • Quantizing selected automation quantizes ALL automation in any visible automation lane. So if I want to quantize my volume to be on the downbeat of a bar, and have my grid set to 1/1 and quantize one automation point to that bar, my mod rides in the lane below it will quantize to the same grid even though nothing is selected. And sometimes you can not undo this action, so you have to rewrite the automation. NO BUENO!

There are a few more that I can not think of at the moment, but these are the ones that are really driving me crazy at the moment. Has anyone experienced these in 6.5? Are there any other major problems with 6.5 that I should consider before upgrading? I have read some of the comments in the 6.5 bug posts, but also wanted to ask around a bit. Thanks for your help!

For the bridge, maybe you should consider Jbridge?

All those bugs and you’re asking for the next version already. New versions ALWAYS have more bugs than old versions.

Well, here I join in the fun.

PLEAAAAAAASE Steinberg!!! Can we have a shiny new version with LOADSA new bugs (we’ll find because we use 32 bit plugs in a 64 bit Cubase and overload our track count and FXes using the onboard soundcard) :mrgreen:
PLEEEEEAASSE!!! We want SHINY new Cubase!!!

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Or please we found all the bugs and now we want to find some more …

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