When is Cubase 6.53 coming?

Mutesolo served their purpose, that was to bring about the silencing of Ernst T. Bass as a result of Castas rooting out the character.

So what is your purpose?

After Jed’s post in the lounge I figured the world (Steinberg forums) needed some unity. :sunglasses:

Not to beat a dead horse, but it really does seem like a while since an officially-supported update. I’m not complaining (well, unless you consider this post a complaint :slight_smile: ), but if I’m not mistaken, 6.5.0 was released at the end of February, and an UNofficial, UNsupported update (6.5.1) was released in March (plus another unsupported one for Cubase Artist 6.5.2). So we’re going on 4 months for an official update. Not terrible, but seems like 6.5.3 should be hitting the net soon, right? I’m all for them making sure the next update is as solid and stable as possible, but still, 4 months seems like a reasonable time?

I have a sense of humour and have long since lost belief in santa claus. I don’t sit here panting for a new release for the sake of it.
I give grown-up replies to grown-ups and I’m not that insecure I follow people around commenting on their posts and accusing them of alcohol and drug abuse (maybe I’m reflecting something?). Look in the mirror.
Sometimes I do think that there’s too many juvenile postings for this to look like a serious product’s forum.
So pointing at me only shows people up as juvenile one-note snipers. :mrgreen:


OK, being serious here.

Noting that the SWR tutorial has hit a rock bottom price I am concluding that there is going to be something new coming from Steinberg very soon. Let’s see if I’m right. :sunglasses:

I asked this a while ago. No Steinberg answer.


I just hope the next update contains lots of optimizing. Making it more CPU efficient, GFX efficient, not really bothered about anything else. I cannot see the early MIDI issue ever being fixed , so that’s all I want now, a optimal version that’s really light on resources. Not that it’s extremely heavy either.

the next update should include bounce-in-place and an onboard-sampler. (…or at first drag/drop to NI´s Kontakt!!)
that would be fine. yes.


Thank you moderators, the whole forum looks like it’s been cleaned up. :smiley:

Well since 6.07 final is out, I’m gonna guess that 6.53 should be very soon. We will see…

In the following thread, Helge mentions:

Hi all,
we aim to release the officially supported Cubase 6.5.3 maintenance update by mid of August.

All the best,


We don’t have any word, or hints from Steinberg, what to expect in there do we?

Are things like improvements generally only seen in full integer updates, or can they be seen in these dot-updates?

I guess, thinking about it, the comp tool was a dot-update appearing feature - so we might see anything at all!

Improvements to VariAudio in some fashion, the Audio Warp bounce thing, External FX I/O saving … all potential things we might see this update - I’m very excited!

I doubt there will be anything “new” in there… this is more likely just a maintenance/bugfix… judging by the 6.0.7 update which was just released, this 6.5.3 should be a simple (but important) maintenance release. My guess is this will be the last one before Cubase 7. :slight_smile: I reserve the right to be totally wrong about all that. :slight_smile: