When is the 7.0.2 update coming out???

Just wondering. No hurry but it is always useful to know what is in the pipeline.

April is the target. Not only bug fixes. Don’t ask more, thanks.

Let’s hope something is reserved for Elements as well (aside little bug fixes already in progress)!

Thank you :smiley: !

So finally FLAC will be in the bundle, as announced in another thread :smiley:

Will this include automatic import AND export in the FLAC format ?


I would just like Wavelab to work with SonicCore ASIO driver. Haven’t been able to use WL for three months now.


I would like to see W7 work period…I had to go back to W6 because it’s useless the way it is now. I was hoping the 7.0.1 fix would adress the issues but on top of it not saving presets and the workflow just not doing it for me…too much to list here, it started crashing (win7 64bit) everytime I opened it after applying the patch. Thankfully w6 still keeps on trucking.
Anyway, I am amazed how w7 got released to the public and has still not been fixed for almost 6 months…No testers? No users?
I am so happy with Nuendo 5, and then there is wavelab 7 which is the first Steinberg product I had to stop using because it’s unusable.
Please fix this and please take a long look at the interface again…starting with Save As…

not saving presets? What do you mean? (I’m not aware of any problem there with 7.01).
Moreover, 7.01 was release 3 months ago, which is also 2 months after 7.0. And this fixes many issues. So I don’t know why you speak about a period of 6 months without updates.

Maybe you could have started overhere 6 months ago and see how many people have the same specific problem(s) as you. As a matter of fact, many (including me) were critical about the massive changes in WL, and the lack of a real manual, but it’s certainly not useless for most users. If anything should be fixed, it’s very likely to be in your unique system - or it was already mentioned here in the forums.

Luck, Arjan

For the record we are still using WL6 for our daily work with clients. WL7 is being tested and as we feel more comfortable with it we are using it for non attended sessions with no clients present. There are some features of WL7 that are great but as others have mentioned there are some problems that need looking at. We just purchased WL7 for our Mac computer and I was stunned to see that the GUI does not look like anything like a normal Mac program and looks more like a windows program running on a Mac.

I still feel there are some really buggy issues with WL7 and a couple of times it has crashed for no reason with no plug-ins being used. I have been using WL since version 1.6 but this version is NOT like anything else and I am having problems getting my mind around how it works.

Keep your eye on www.vtc.com

Training should be released any day now.

Is WL 7.02 still on track for an April Release???


But is that an April Fool’s trick?


I did not say it will be ready on the 1st :wink:

Thanks for the update!

Just a reminder that it is April…

There have been references that suggest 7.1 as the next release. Is this distinct from the April release of 7.02, or has it been renamed?


Philippe has been calling it 7.1 for a while, so I guess there won’t be a public 7.02.

Luck, Arjan

Right, 7.1 is the next version, later this month.

Excellent. And, hopefully, it will allow quick and easy import / export to Halion 4.