When is WaveLab 11.1.20 going to be out?

Just wondering since it seems it will have some much needed updates and fixes. Thanks in advance!

Sometime in October. I don’t know precisely enough.

Thanks for the update. Have a GREAT weekend.

Any update on the patch???

end of the month

Hi PG,

Will W11.1.20 still function with the old dongle?

Yes, that will be the last version.

it seems that 11.1.20 is out!
or it seems, it is there!

Yes, that is true.

Steinberg Activation Manager 1.4.10 has broken this for 11.1 AND 11.2

remember the days when this just used to work ok ?
is anybody testing this stuff ?

at the very least make the Download ‘assistant’ ASK PERMISSION before updating.


Please try to log out of SAM and then login again. Wait until the update of the activation progress has been established.

thanks @Kay_Thomsen
are you following this thread ?

next you will be telling us to turn it off and on again :smiley: