where does one report bugs\issues?

I stumbled upon something minor yet annoying, when I click “Dorico Forum” from withing Dorico it redirects me here:


The forum you selected does not exist.

can I do anything about it? it doesn’t look professional…

Reporting here is normally sufficient. In this case, the problem is an error on Steinberg’s web server: Dorico opens https://r.steinberg.net/goto/?id=1253&lang=en&plc=SHM (at least on my English copy of Dorico Pro 2 when opening from the Steinberg Hub part of Dorico) but, as you say, the location you are redirected to is incorrect. The fix should be a simple change on the r.steinberg.net server.

We are asked to follow the “Four simple guidelines” pinned post at the top of the forum when reporting a functional problem with the notation features of Dorico, especially the fourth guideline asking you to post a Dorico file that illustrates the problem so that it can be reproduced at Steinberg’s end. Clearly, in this case, a Dorico file is neither needed nor appropriate.

Edit: text in italics added for clarification in light of subsequent comments.

“Doctor, it hurts when I do this.”
“Well, don’t do it then.” :slight_smile:

It’s a known bug, but probably not the highest priority of things that need fixing or improving!

The guidelines don’t replace common sense. This issue has nothing to do with any particular Dorico file. You can reproduce it from the hub when no files are open.

Of course. My original post was less than clear - by ‘functional problem with Dorico’, I was still answering the generic question “how to report a bug/issue in Dorico?” and was referring to the normal situation of a bug or issue that arises during use of the notation features of Dorico.

A broken web link clearly needs no more than “the ‘Dorico Forum’ link in Dorico is broken”. As the problem is a defective redirection at Steinberg’s side, this should be easily fixed and will not need an update to Dorico.

It should be as simple as adding a 301 redirect to the server config or .htaccess file to redirect to the correct location or in the program to output the correct URL. That’s usually a five-minute job either way.

Sadly, as has been explained before, it’s not a five-minute fix that can be applied by the Dorico development team, or they’d undoubtedly have done it by now. It’s been passed up to the web team and they’ll presumably get to it when they get to it.

Welcome to the forum, Yooval, and thanks for reporting this. As others have said, it’s a problem with the rediection software that handles links from Dorico and other Steinberg applications. The web team are indeed aware of the problem and it will hopefully be fixed soon.

thank you

Newdoll_FinalProject_Week10Sketch_14.dorico.zip (589 KB)
Newdoll_FinalProject_Week10Sketch_14.dorico.zip (589 KB)
The latest Dorico 3.5.1, without fail, will crash if I have one project open, then open another project to, say, copy something out of it to paste into new project. Says it can’t save, so ultimately I have to Force Quit. Fortunately, usually when reopening it allows me to recover the project, with maybe the last step gone. However, this time, only my drums will play. Can you help me? I have been working on this a while!
I need to recover it before my final is due! Thanks!

By the way, I fixed it using a technique told to me before, where I have to go to Play/Playback Template and choose HSSE + HSO Pro (even though it looks already selected) and press apply. I think this is changing upon crashing, because I am not changing. Just so you know. The crash thing is still there.


Julie, can you do Help > Create Diagnostic Report and attach the zip file created on your desktop to a reply here?

Hi Sorry, just saw this.

I will work on this tomorrow,I think you have to have the transport window open, but not sure yet.


Hi, Finally had time to reproduce the bug.

First I started a simple score, tenor sax, baritone sax and piano. I removed the piano, it was just for reference. Later, I wanted the piano back. I saved the file, then opened the old file with the piano in it. I copied the piano. I created a piano in the original file, and pasted. I quit the file I copied the piano from. I tried saving the new file that included piano and changes. Would not save. I created diagnostic report as above. This is attached.
Dorico Diagnostics.zip (501 KB)

I’m sorry to say that no crash logs are included in the diagnostics you’ve sent, janDol. Could you please go to the FAQ thread and follow the steps under ‘Dorico is crashing, what do I do?’ to set up crash logging, and then send a fresh set of diagnostics after you next experience the problem? Thanks!

Hi Daniel, I have a Mac, and the patch that gets crash logging is for Windows. It has crashed again, and I made a file, but if this doesn’t have what you need, perhaps you could let me know what Mac users do to get you info. Thanks!
Dorico Diagnostics.zip (699 KB)

Thanks for the diagnostics; again, no crash reports are included. Dorico must be crashing in such a way that no crash log is able to be saved. One thing I would suggest is updating to Dorico 3.5.10, since that version does contain a couple of fixes specifically related to the area of saving projects when you have (or have had) multiple versions of the same project with the same name open during the same session.