Where is my old username/id?

When trying to change to my former user name, I get a message that it is taken. How do we solve this?

Yes, I made sure my e-mail for my user was using the same as on MySteinberg…

Me too, says my old user name is taken.

Had the same problem. It looks like when login with your email address, the system does not connect it to your nickname. Even though if you like me, have the same email for the forum and the Steinberg account, like suggested before.

Exactly, frustrating! Mods?

I can help. PM your old username and I’ll merge your accounts back together.

I’m assuming that we only need one password now for all Steinberg activity.

I just reset my “My Steinberg” password and it allowed me into the forum.
In the past I had a different password for “My Steinberg”, The User Form and another for the Steinberg Online Shop.

So, just one credential for all areas now?

That’s right. One ID to rule them all.

My old username is beatpete

All done - Welcome back!

Hi Ben. can you help me? my old user Elith is taken. I ´ve signed as Elith1
Can I recover my old user name? thanks.

Same here. JB. Now JB1? and where did my sign go?


my old username is Hko. Can you merge Hko-ex into the old one.

Hi @Elith - now fixed.

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@Hko - all done.

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Hi @jb1 - the minimum username length here on Discourse is 3 characters, so your username was adjusted during the migration process. Feel free to change it again if you prefer something else.

If you’re referring to signatures, we’ve been talking about that here at Steinberg and feel that they add a lot of noise to topic threads. Nevertheless, you can put that information in your profile if you like.

Hi Ben, thanks for your answer. I’l just leave it at jb1 then. But seriously? Without the signature with your system specs in them we would have to put it in every message: wich version of Cubase we are using and or talking about and if it’s a mac or pc question/problem we are refering to. So I prefer to use a signature. Can you explain how to set it up please? And also, if I search for my topics I was previously active in I find only this message. (searching for jb1 i find one message, search for jb I get nothing)

I’d recommend you put details about your setup: macOS/Windows, Cubase version, etc in your profile here: https://forums.steinberg.net/u/jb1/preferences/profile. There really is no reason for it to be attached to every topic or reply.

I can see all your previous posts here: https://forums.steinberg.net/u/jb1/activity. If you’re searching for a username, prefix it with @ or user:.

Thanks Ben, that helps!

Hi there,

Somehow I was not able to pick my old username to create a new account. The old username was “dreikelvin”. Can you merge my current account with this one? Thanks!

This is done now.