where is my vst preset folder???

i want to move all my presets from cubase 8.5 to cubase9
how can i do it
best regards
nir sadoun

It should happen in the C9 installation.

However Presuming PC:

C Drive > Documents > Steinberg > FX Chain Presets

C Drive > App Data > Roaming > Steinberg > Templates/Presets

Hope that helps?

As Silhouette says I don’t think you should not have to manually move anything.

Are you on PC or Mac?
With Cubase you have all kinds of presets and they are located in different places. What kind of presets are you referring to? Factory presets? User presets?

Track Presets? VST3 presets?

If you mean VST3 user presets the location in my PC is:
C>users>user name>documents>vst3 presets>steinberg media technologies>(name of effect such as mono delay)>preset.

If you mean a 3rd party (non-Cubase preset) then go to VST3 presets. Any presets you have saved from for example Native Instruments, should show up there.

Now a long rant:

Keep in mind if you use Media Bay, all this should show up under “user content.” Unfortunately Steinberg have chosen to take away the option of un-checking boxes under “user content.” You can uncheck something, but then when re-starting Cubase it gets automatically checked. IMO this is bad behavior especially when opening presets that you have categorized and purposely left unchecked. The only submitted explanation I have heard is “steinberg wants to simplify it for users.” One moderator has said this is not a bug and is “by design” but gave no explanation. Another moderator told me he can’t understand the logic either.

The larger problem is that not only are your user presets automatically checked upon opening Cubase, but it does an entire scan of media bay.

https://www.steinberg.net/forums/viewtopic.php?f=226&t=88816 (the longer rant)

Hopefully this will be addressed and fixed.