Where is Padshop Pro?

I’ve just updated from CB 6 to 6.5. While I was at it I purchased the “Upgrade from Padshop + Zero Gravity Instrument Set (Upgrade Bundle)”.
The update from 6 to 6.5 went smoothly enough… however, the upgrade from Padshop to Padshop Pro just isn’t happening.
The upgrade only UPDATES from version to version, still only Padshop basic.
I’ve gone back to “My Downloads” at the Steinberg Online Shop and downloaded the “Padshop Pro Upgrade from Padshop (Basic Upgrade)” again… still no joy!

The file claiming to be the Padshop Pro file is: Padshop_Update_1.1.0.134_Installer_win.exe

I’ve also tried installing the Zero Gravity Instrument Set in the hope that maybe PS Pro was lurking in that file. Still no sign of it, nor the ZG Instrument set come to that :confused: but first things first!

Any help much appreciated.

BTW this is 64bit


Thanks filterfreak,

Looks like that’s the solution.
Unfortunately, I’m 30,000 ft above the clouds, on my way to Norway (life
of a gigging bass player :wink: so won’t be able to confirm till Monday.
Steinberg don’t make it easy!

Thanks again, Steve

All OK now! It was indeed the activation code.
This really is a bizarre way of doing things: Having to enter a code to activate a product that you can’t even be sure that you have :confused: