Where is support?

How do you contact support? I have been trying and I just keep getting stuck in a self help loop


Log in to your MySteinberg account, please. There you can rise a support ticket.

I’ve seen people on here in the past get into a loop on the website when trying to raise a ticket, but can’t remember the reason - i’m sure you have to check that your account profile has valid country selected or something? Sorry, but i can’t remember 100% - but there is a scenario in which you’ll go round in a loop and it’s related to something in your profile/account details.

Is it normal for support to take around three weeks to reply as that’s what I’ve experienced ?

I’ve been more successful calling them, have you tried that?

I haven’t actually. I only ever saw email as a support option I guess I must have missed that

Check your spam filter too if you’ve emailed.

I never have been able to get Steinberg support…
That´s the only reason I´m still on Pro Tools too…Excellent support.
But I prefer Cubase.

I’ve been stuck in the middle of an issue for weeks now. I first created a ticket - no response after two weeks (still haven’t received any attention weeks later).
I then called the phone support (once I found it) a couple of weeks ago. Apparently Yamaha must be contracted to handle support phone calls in US as I was redirected to their phone line. After a few minutes I was connected to a support person who was very helpful and spent about 15 minutes going through what seemed to be a script of trial and error but we weren’t able to resolve it. He said he was going to raise it up the chain but that Cubase has been less responsive to them over the past couple of months than they had been and that I should call back if I hadn’t heard anything in a few days. I phoned yesterday and they said they would create another ticket for me to raise it up again.
Extremely frustrating. I really like the product but have had MUCH better support from other vendors. I’m not yet considering moving to another DAW because of this.
This happens to be an issue that is not preventing me from working but I’d hate to be stuck in a critical point in a project having to depend upon them to get things fixed or resolved in the future.

It’s surprising that no-one from Steinberg have replied to the OP here, unless they have via private message.

You’d hope that coming to a forum such like this someone would pick up any stray support queries and help.


This is a user forum. It’s from users to users. This is not a technical support forum. Therefore sometime some Steinberg employees appear here and help the users.

Yes it’s a user forum, but If i ran a business which hosted a user forum and found numerous people were being hung out to dry with lack of support from my company i’d be furious that ‘someone’ haven’t picked it up. It’s been 5 days, and looks bad if a prospective customer is viewing these forums reading comments like “I never have been able to get Steinberg support…That´s the only reason I´m still on Pro Tools” - and that’s from a user who joined in 2010!

Just my viewpoint anyway. I’ve not experienced any issues myself, but i’ve read plenty and always amazes me the amount that go without help/replies. If i could help, i would. As i’m sure many others here too.

I don’t know Steinberg’s structure, and perhaps (probably) it is quite hard for them, to get everything done with a small team.

Still, from a user perspective, everything beyond a week’s response time to a user ticket is simply lousy bad for customer relations, and will hurt the company much more in the long run, than it frustrates customers in the moment.

Not everyone is too busy to spend a few mins and reply to anyone who’s fallen outside the support system, surely?

At the bare minimum you’ve only got to favourite a link to the forum on your browser/desktop and check every few days - like this:-
They stand out like a sore thumb in a small list.

Literately takes minutes, lose more time going to the toilet. But it looks so bad for them for potential and existing customers seeing people left hanging. At least in my opinion.

Support is sadly pretty much non-existent with Steinberg.

It’s been spotty at best and non-existent at worst, for many years now. Definitely a very bad business move – they do have a reputation for poor customer service, in my experience in L.A. When you’re used to big companies like Plugin Alliance, Waves, Pro Tools, and so many others having very fast and good customer service it’s a terrible look for Steinberg and I suggest from a business standpoint that they up their game in a significant way.

Wouldn’t it be better to compare apples to apples?

How does Cubase support compare to Logic, PT, DP, Bitwig, StudioOne, Reaper, FL Studio, and Ableton? And how is it handled? i.e phone, email etc?

You mentioned PT. Years ago in a real studio we paid huge amounts for HD TDM support. I have had great support from Waves. Also, even though you didn’t mention it, excellent support from UAD. My guess is that Steinberg is swamped with support demand because of their genuine sale a few months ago. That’s not an excuse, however your resources are limited and every DAW has a budget for support.

My very limited personal encounters with Cubase support, which is 2 in the past 15 years, would suggest you don’t necessarily get better official support vs. asking questions in the forum. But when there are no forum replies, wrong answers, a difficult or obscure question, poorly written question or the user doesn’t use proper Cubase nomenclature, it can be hindering and therefore your only option is to go to official support. If it’s difficult or obscure IMO a good chance all the support help will do is forward the questions to Germany.

But they don’t always. You often do and I appreciate that. Regarding bugs, in years past, I have seen several pages, for example the drum edit issue that went on for many weeks until a Steinberg representative finally chimed in to say it was a known issue. IMO, there should have been a much quicker reply instead of allowing the thread to mushroom.

And then there are issues that are not bugs, but things that change from version to version leaving a lot of questions and frustrations For example, the auto-scan of media bay.


3 pages, and 45 days later, representative Felipe Garcia said this "the reported behaviour identified as BON-7138 has been closed because it is not a bug, but per Design. The implementation works as intended and it was introduced with Cubase 7.x

The Media bay should only re-scan ‘VST Sound user content’ and ‘VST3 preset folders’ Track presets each time. All other locations stay blue and will not be re-scanned."

What Felipe didn’t say is that the re-scan for VST sound user content and VST3 presets automatically check those boxes that the user has purposely left unchecked. And when questioned why this horrible behavior, there was no reply from any Steinberg representative.

So yes in my opinion it can be very frustrating. If representatives would just communicate a bit more I think it would help. Even if they can’t comment due to numerous reasons…just a simple “we hear you and will try to get an answer if possible” would do wonders.

Hi, thanks for all your responses. No, Steinberg has not contacted me privately. Support has been an issue for years. I once received a message that said, I am paraphrasing, Steinberg support is monitored by staff out of normal working hours (I think this means not as standard duties and you know what that means?).
It took me a few days but have now resolved my issue.
This is the reason I tell my friends to steer clear of Cubase.
For the next (paid) update I request - support. Sorry this is the wrong site for suggestions!

They don’t have support :joy:

Time to get this thread to 100 pages then. :slight_smile: