Where is the BEAT CALCULATOR on Cubase 13 .... Steinberg Please add

Where is the BEAT CALCULATER on Cubase 13

Come join in the fun here…
Beat Calculator Gone? - Cubase - Steinberg Forums

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Cubase 13.0.20 maintenance update, which includes the fix, has been released. Please, download and install the update.

Sorry … I this a Joke …???

I dont want to commend anything alse … Simple restore the OLD Beat Calculator … Otherwise Cubase 11 os good enough to work with


Sorry Martin - I don’t see any fixes for ‘Beat Calculator’ listed (i.e. its reinstatement); I only see fixes for the Tap Tempo tool.

Lets be clear, ‘Tap Tempo’ and ‘Beat Calculator’ are SEPARATE tools/functions, with separate uses (well, they were in C12). Please refer to the huge, old (locked) thread for use cases/further info.

(I see you also posted the same ‘fixed in 13.0.20’ info at the end there too…! It is not fixed sadly)
[SOLVED] Beat Calculator Gone? - Cubase - Steinberg Forums


Yes please bring back the beat calculator, the issue is NOT fixed, and let us use the space bar for tempo tapping, the mouse button doesn’t cut it.


Yeah, I’m awful at mouse tapping.

When I worked at some previous company, that I won’t name, we chose to remove a variety of features for a variety of reasons. I’m going to list the reasons and it may help some of us understand what Steinberg is thinking:

We removed features because:

  • it cost too much money to maintain it;
  • our market research showed us that only a very small percentage of users actually used it and it was too much financial trouble to maintain it;
  • it didn’t work as well as we had hoped;
  • we didn’t believe the users would be vocal enough to complain about its removal;
  • we were in the process of developing what we believed was a better alternative.

These are the reasons [redacted] company removed features from their old product. I’m not sure what Steinberg’s motivations are but I suspect it’s one of those bullet points.

I’ve concluded another reason everyone might like to consider…

I think Steinberg HQ believe the feature is already available elsewhere (Definition Tab in the Audio Editor Inspector). Thus, having Beat Calculator was simply duplication of existing mechanisms… Primary aim was to update ‘Tap Tempo’ tool; unfortunately, that’s where the Beat Calculator lived (UI) and so a decision made to remove it entirely.

I say this, because that’s what I’ve taken from Greg Ondo’s latest view/demo, when responding to a direct question on the matter, in the Club Cubase live stream last Tuesday.

Time stamped video…

Of course, love him bless him, there’s lots wrong with Greg’s response. What he demonstrates is NOT an alternate method for the use case of BC. Namely, he starts off with an already known, clearly labelled clip (80bpm); second, looking closely his fumblings in the Definition Tab eventually returns a value of 87.07 bpm.!

That’s how reliable/robust that tool is… (note, he did ensure Musical Mode is off - meaning correctly, project tempo is ignored for the purposes of the Definition Tab ‘calculations’).

I despair that Greg’s thinking is by proxy Steinberg internal thinking too. Probably.



Are you aware of the Set Tempo From Event feature, please?

  • Import Audio file to a project.
  • Select the Audio Event.
  • Make sure the Musical Mode is disabled on the Audio Event.
  • By the Left-Right Locators, set the wanted number of bars.
  • Audio > Advanced > Set Tempo From Event
    => The tempo is set so the Audio Event fits to the bars, you defined.



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Yes, I am. Thank you.

Honestly, I don’t want anything to change… I don’t want anything to ‘happen’… I just use BC as a handy informational/utility tool.

I bring in a clip, or a bunch of clips, that I don’t know anything about, highlight a range, use BC (set the beats) to determine that range’s tempo. I can then decide what to do next with that info… That’s it…


Seems like a totally non useful tool that one should just throw away…lol…

I posted this as an alternative elsewhere, thanks for picking up on it.
This method has, however, 2 drawbacks compared to the old Beat Calculator:

  • if you let Cubase insert a tempo event at the start of the selected event it will also create one at the end of the event; it takes an extra user intercation in order to remove that second event
  • it is not as quick as the old method as it doesn’t support Range; old method: use Range to define the area, use Beat Calculator to enter the amount of beats; alternativel method: cut an event to the desired length, use locators to define the amount of beats, remove second tempo event, glue event back together, set locators back to old position

The new tap button allows you to assign a key command but it you don’t want to lose play/start functionality on your space bar you need to find another key. Probably not a problem for people with huge remote controller but for people using the regular keyboard it is not so nice.

Finally: I think Beat Calculator was a better name than Adavanced/Set tempo from Event. But that is highly subject and might be just me.


Please this is ridiculous!!!
ADD The beat Calculator as it was …!!!
I m steel working on Cubase 11 and 12

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reminding myself not to upgrade to the next cubase again- this is such a ridiculous removal. then to say that it was fixed by this update even when it wasn’t? even worse.


Just updated to 13… literally within minutes I’m searching futilely for Beat Calculator. Come on. It’s a tool I used almost every session to deal with loops or imported audio. Simple, effective. Easy to NOT apply to anything. Why? Freaking why? These other options are not the same, sorry.


The only thing crazier than removing a useful tool like this is, is marking the issue “Solved”.

Hi Martin,
The function doesn’t work properly.
I just tried your suggestion. The tempo track is set at 115 bpm. I selected 16 beats or four bars of the track gold by eels. cubase tells me ’ no tempo change necessary’,

but I know the track is 94bpm.

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Please bring back the Old Beat Calculator or integrate the exact functionality into the useless new tool whatsoever!!!
Sorry to say @Martin.Jirsak but in your several posts across the forum concerning the “bring back old beat calculator”-Issue you insist on a workaround which does not describe the funtionality we all ( Fans of the old beat calculator) want. We dont want to set the global tempo to the event tempo unfamiliar to us but we want just calculate the unfamiliar tempo of the event based on its length and beat count AND insert it into the audiofile itself. WITHOUT changing the golbal tempo. And please dont mark the issue as solved. It is NOT.

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In this case @Martin.Jirsak did not mark it as solved, that was the creator of the initial post . iIf you want this marked as an issue you can either create a thread that has the tag “issue” or create a support ticket.

There are other threads about this, so you might add to those threads as well.