Where is the German language Dorico user forum

… why not ? :open_mouth:

There is not yet sufficient German-language expertise in Dorico within our support staff for a German-language forum to be useful enough – and also I and most other members of the team in London (with the exception of Stefan, who is himself German) cannot interact effectively with our German-speaking customers as we don’t speak the language.

However, we do intend to have a German-language forum in due course.

I think at the moment it makes more sense to concentrate all efforts in one specific forum. This is the most effective way to bundle all problems, wishes, suggestions etc…
A good idea for later.

i understand …
But it is expected from us to be able to formulate all technical questions exactly in English.

the steinberg shop say: Language also german

there is no german support

Where is the german documentation ? the link: Dorico-Hilfe IS NOT
the way to the german documentation …

Where is the pdf-File of the documentation, only a web help ?

Will be there a test version of this software ? At the moment i can use Finale.

I do not want to be beta-tester.
SORRY, at this time i can’t find a reason to change the product :confused:

There’s going to be a 30 day trial version by the end of this month (concurrently with the release of the first update); somebody correct me if I am wrong.

As to the German language, I’d just ask the question in German and someone (Stefan or one of the forum members) will respond. If I can help - which I doubt as I am learning the program myself - I might even respond, though my written German is less than stellar to put it mildly.

Ok, thank you for this helpful information.

I am waiting for the trial and i hope, the discount for Finale- users is then still current.
Can steinberg please confirm this ?

IIRC discounts (cross-grade, education) last until March 2017.

Yes, confirming what Derrek has said: the current crossgrade offer is valid until the end of March 2017.

It would be really nice to have the crossgrade not set at a specific date, but more at something like “feature-complete version + 3 months”.

I understand that music engraving is a very complex process, and I really appreciate all the work that has already gone into Dorico development. But at the current state, Dorico is not anywhere near “useful” to me - and I would not think that all the really necessary things will be complete until March 2017. (If that was the case, I believe Steinberg would have waited those few months to start the rocket publicly.)

If crossgrade offer really ends with March 2017, I hope there will be a very specific announcement on what features will be coming up in free (!) updates. I don’t want to have to pay then to get things that should have been already included in version 1.0.

I don’t think there’s any reasonable way we can define “feature-complete version” to everybody’s satisfaction. We will add a great many features in free updates over the next several months, but there will come a point at which we will start to work on the first paid update for Dorico, and it’s inevitable that some people will be upset that their own particular favourite feature(s) have not made it into the 1.x series of updates, and they may have to wait for the 2.x series of updates or even further into the future. If you are expecting Dorico 1.x to include every feature that your existing scoring program has before we get to the point where we start working on a paid update, please, let me put you out of your misery now: that isn’t what is going to happen.

My advice to you is simple: buy Dorico at the point at which you believe it represents good value for the price to you, and only to you, and not a moment before. If you can’t judge its value to you without trying it, which is of course reasonable, then hold on for just a couple more weeks, when you’ll be able to try the program for free for 30 days to help you make up your mind.

(Please forgive me for straying off topic, which is a German version of the forum.)

Allow me to point out that its value to you may include providing an infusion of cash money to the team to keep their remarkable effort going forward. A purchase sooner, rather than later, is a vote of confidence that Daniel and his team can turn a diamond-in-the-rough into a true gem. Speaking only for myself, a quality alternative to Finale or Sibelius would be most welcome.

You are right, of course software is never “complete” - I know that too well, being a programmer myself. :wink:
That’s why I added my wish of having a roadmap of what will come with free updates and what will not.
Right now I would not know what I will eventually end up with if I bought Dorico today. If you plan on adding major features for no costs, please be as open and communicative on it as you (the team, of course) can.

@Staff Paper: I understand your point. We need to keep the team able to do their work and get paid for it. But on the other hand I won’t buy something only to find out that the features I do need will only be available with a later upgrade which I will have to pay for again. If I want a car with 200 HP I don’t by one with 100 to find out that free updates only go to 120 and I will have to pay for 200 HP again.
(Honestly, I don’t understand why anybody would spend 500 bucks on notation software that can’t do first and second endings on repeats. But that’s another story.)

[Unten auf deutsch] Well, I am one of those who bought Dorico, knowing that I cannot yet properly use it. It is out of trust and admiration for a proven great developer team and a brilliantly pursued concept. I kind of consider it a form of crowdfunding.
It is easy to point out, where Dorico is yet uncomplete - but being a developer myself, I see this as a indication for proper development and farseeing, future oriented design. I would rather be suspicious, if Dorico “could already do all that” - because nobody needs a new copy of old concepts.
You can’t just add radically new or improved features and flexibilities to a program, that is based on outworn or half-baked basic structures. I want all these great things to become reality, therefore I’ve happily “invested” in an Educational Crossgrade right now.

Nun ja, ich gehöre zu denen, die Dorico im vollen Bewusstsein darüber gekauft haben, es zunächst nicht sinnvoll nutzen zu können - auf Grund meines Vertrauens und der Bewunderung für ein erwiesenermaßen großartiges Entwicklerteam und ein brilliant verfolgtes Konzept. Für mich ist das quasi eine Art Crowdfunding.
Es ist leicht, anzumerken, an welchen Stellen Dorico noch unfertig ist - aber ich sehe darin (als Programmierer) eher ein Anzeichen für vernünftige Entwicklung und umsichtiges, zukunftsorientiertes Design. Ich wäre eher misstrauisch, wenn Dorico “das alles schon könnte” - denn niemand braucht einen neuen Abklatsch alter Konzepte.
Man kann keine radikal neuen oder verbesserten Fähigkeiten und Flexibilitäten hinzufügen, wenn ein Programm auf einer überkommenen oder halbgaren Struktur fußt. Ich möchte, dass all diese großartingen Dinge Realität werden, daher habe ich gerne schon jetzt in ein “Educational Crossgrade” investiert.


Deutsch unten.

Google translated https://translate.google.com/?hl=de&tab=TT
Sebastian. I read your lines from 15 November 2016 and I wonder on 4 February 2017 as the status is? The progress of Dorico in recent weeks. A summary.
OK. An update 10.0.20 has come on 20.12.2016 and the German documentation is now also available.
Now I can at least read in Dorico and understand the operating concept. This was not possible because of the language barrier. But is that all?
There is still no German Dorico forum. The concepts, which have been announced as a gold level, have not attracted the attention of Dorico. Almost all still use Sibelius and final in practice. Perhaps these people are looking eagerly to see if Dorico is developing into what has been promised. The gold level has to be reached slowly in practice. I want to go to Dorico and do not know how. If Dorico is decisively changed, the previous users are bogged down. If Dorico does not change, there are no larger user numbers and no headlines in the press because of the Dorico revolution announced by Steinberg.
What will become of Dorico?
Am I wrong with my opinion?


Sebastian. Ich lese Deine Zeilen vom 15.November 2016 und Frage ich mich am 4. Februar 2017 wie denn der Status ist? Der Fortschritt von Dorico in den letzten Wochen. Ein Resümee.
Ok. Es ist am 20.12.2016 ein Update 10.0.20 gekommen und die deutsche Dokumentation ist inzwischen auch da.

Jetzt kann ich mich wenigsten einlesen in Dorico und das Bedienkonzept verstehen. Das war mir zuvor auf Grund der Sprachbarriere nicht möglich. Aber ist das alles?
Es gibt immer noch kein deutsches Dorico-Forum. Die als Gold-Level angekündigten Konzepte haben nicht Scharen von Notenschreibern zu Dorico gezogen. Fast alle nutzen noch Sibelius und Finale in der Praxis. Vielleicht schauen diese Leute gespannt, ob sich Dorico zu dem entwickelt, was versprochen wurde. So langsam muss eben auch in der Praxis der Gold-Level erreicht werden. Ich will den Absprung zu Dorico machen und weiß nicht wie. Wenn sich Dorico entscheidend verändert werden die bisherigen Nutzer verprellt. Wenn sich Dorico nicht ändert, gibt es keine größeren Nutzerzahlen und auch keine Schlagzeilen in der Presse wegen der von Steinberg angekündigten Dorico-Revolution.
Was wird nun aus Dorico?
Liege ich mit meiner Meinung falsch?


[Deutsch unten] I had already pointed out several times on a roadmap publication. But Steinberg does not want to look into the cards on the one hand, and on the other hand he does not want to commit anything. For us users, it would be a big help to see which functions can be expected in the near future.

Ich hatte auch schon mehrfach auf eine Roadmap Veröffentlichung hingewiesen. Aber Steinberg will sich wohl einerseits nicht in die Karten schauen lassen und andererseit auch zu nichts verpflichten. Für uns Benutzer wäre es jedenfalls eine grosse Hilfe zu sehen mit welchen Funktionen in naher zukunft noch zu rechnen ist.

Es gibt eine Roadmap, zu sehen auf der Produktseite ganz unten unter der Ueberschrift “Features im Detail” (und auch in dem englischen PDF welches dort verlinkt ist):

Wir haben seit dem Relase im Oktober schon jetzt 2 ‘kleinere’ Updates veroeffentlicht, ein weiteres wird noch diesen Monat folgen. Wir arbeiten aktiv an den Features die in der Roadmap genannt sind.

Google translated https://translate.google.com/?hl=de&tab=TT
[Deutsch unten] I find the medium good here in the English forum to write in German and to top a Google translation German-English translation to papieren.

Ich finde das Mittel gut hier im englischen Forum auf deutsch zu schreiben und oben eine Google Übersetzung Deutsch-Englisch Übersetzung zu pappen.


Danke Stefan! Genau sowas habe ich gesucht. Perfekt!

Bei aller Kritik - das Steinberg Team hat viel geleistet. Vielen Dank auch an Stefan!
Da wo Dorico jetzt steht ist viel passiert wie seit Jahren nicht mehr in anderer Notationssoftware.
Trotzdem geht es jetzt darum viele Notationssoftware-Nutzer auf die Seite von Dorico zu ziehen.

I think a change from Finale to Dorico.

For this I have the test version installed. Now I have however unfortunately found that this has expired before I could even work with Dorico once. I just did not have time.
Unfortunately, on my request to the support there also nobody has reported to me.

For me, an upgrade from Finale to the Dorico education version would be interesting. This is also only for me to the current offer price, which is only valid until March. If this offer goes away I will stay at Final.


Ich überlege einen Umstieg von Finale auf Dorico.

Dafür habe ich mir eine Testversion installiert. Nun habe ich aber leider festgestellt, dass diese abgelaufen ist, bevor ich auch nur einmal mit Dorico arbeiten konnte. Ich hatte einfach noch keine Zeit.
Leider hat sich auf meine Anfrage beim Support dort auch noch niemand bei mir gemeldet.

Für mich wäre ein Upgrade von Finale auf die Dorico education-Version interessant. Das kommt aber auch nur für mich zum derzeitigen Angebotspreis in Frage, welcher nur noch bis März gültig ist. Wenn dieses Angebot wegfällt werde ich bei Finale bleiben.