Where is the Wavelab "Issues" forum?

Cubase has one. Over the years I think it’s been a benefit even though it often seems confirmed bugs go ignored or it takes forever to move it to the “collected” category. If PG were in charge of this, it wouldn’t take long.

Wouldn’t it be a real benefit for Wavelab users to have the same? I’m reading this post
or this one

thinking it would be much better to have a separate issues forum where users can describe potential bugs and others can confirm/deny?

Currently, bugs get reported, then a while later the same issue or maybe a related issue is described, and it’s left up to the every-day users or PG to comment if something was initially reported.

Like it or not, and especially considering a relatively unique application such as Wavelab, many users are voluntary beta testers. Without user input and feedback it isn’t going to get better.

Any thoughts?

I guess little interest which is sad.

I read these posts.


And could copy/paste dozens of other WL posts.

For a user who visits this forum often, it’s probably no problem. But for other casual users, it could be easy to make a double post, or possible double post without really knowing if the issues are the same.

A separate forum to post specific issues with specific plug-ins stating the user OS and followed by a step-by-step reproduction would benefit. Sure an issues forum is far from perfect, but what exists now just seems scattered. At least then, you have confirmed issues with specific VST’s and then PG can note that it is “collected” with feedback.

Is a separate forum or other organizational method out of PG’s control?

Where is the Wavelab issues forum? I’d suggest that you’re in it.

I can understand your point of view but IMO this forum already acts as an issues forum and having a separate one might confuse things rather than clarify. Just my personal point of view.

How about a sticky?

If Justin P’s “Official 3rd Party Plugin Issue Thread” was a sticky that would certainly help IMO. Any way for users to confirm/deny problems and using repros when necessary.