Where to find the C6.5 Artist installer?

You do have 6.5 in your signature, how did you install it…?

If his friend has only an ‘Artist’ licence in his e-licencer key, the full 6.5 version installer will be of no help. I guess that an error message will be displayed at the first launch…

AFAICS, C6.5 Artist can be downloaded here :

Yes, it will…

No, if there’ s only an Artist license present, The installation (though installed as Cubase 6) will start as Cubase artist 6, since both versions use the same imstaller.

Let’s admit you are right… How do you explain, then, that Steinberg provide two different download pages, one for each version ? A unified page for both full and ‘Artist’ versions would be much more efficient, IMO… :confused:

I don´t need to explain that, maybe Steinberg will.
I do have both licenses on two different dongles, and I only ever installed the Cubase full installers and updates, yet depending on license Cubase runs as Cubase artist or -full.

OK. Good to know… Bredo, you now know what to do about this. But, just curious, I still would like an explanation concerning the purpose of two different existing download pages for the same installer…

Steiny ? :confused:

@Bredo: Sorry, I misinterpreted your question - I was thinking you were looking for an artist 6 or (full) 6.5 installer. Therefore my “strange’” question about your C 6.5… :blush: