Which networking/anti-virus tools do you use for your DAW?

I have tested many AV/Firewall programs in my years but found the following to be the most versatile and compatible with my current OS (Windows 8.1):

  • BitDefender 2015 (Available as x64)
  • Comodo Firewall (Includes options to treat programs as Installers, Updates or Allowed applications)
  • Windows 8 Firewall Control from Sphinx Software (manages filtering of SVCHOST requests from the Internet)

Using these programs does not affect Windows Firewall settings and as such does not interfere with the Base Filtering engine of Windows.

Once you allow the programs you need, all other incoming connections are blocked and your DAW is now secure.

Comodo is 64bit compatible and includes an AutoRuns manager, which can find registry entries for drivers that have been removed but care must be taken with older OS’s such as Windows XP; that you do not damage the WinSock layer.

BitDefender is also 64bit compatible and you will find it to be more efficient than other 32 bit solutions running on x64.

The Windows 8 Firewall is an interesting offering from the Germans, as it is essentially a user-controlled network filter that allows system requests to and from the internet to be managed, which for DAW operators is essential when working online.

I let my router’s firewall handle most of this.

For my computer, I use CCleaner and Malwarebytes Anti-Malware.

All things related to networking disabled on my DAW
I don’t use anti-virus software on my DAW
No internet connection on my DAW
The only tool on my DAW is me :smiley:

Same here.

The only “fool” on my DAW is me :smiley:

comodo internet security pro with support. (but Geekbuddy server is unloaded in the standard configuration)
It handles malware, virus (whitelist protection) and has a good firewall, and it doesn’t take away too much resources. I needed external support though to get vienna ensemble trough the defense+ wall, but once everything is done, it works perfect.

edit: forgot the network aspect…
Synergy! Perfect tool for handling multiple computers with only one mouse and one keyboard.

I’ve used Synergy, works great and was delighted when I got it working at 1st, felt like magic. Since I had decided to disable all networking capabilities, I’m now using a 4 port KVM switch. Moving the mouse cursor with Synergy was seamless, with the KVM switch there’s about a 1 second delay between switching the screens…but really, by the time I blink & turn my head, it’s ready. The added bonus with the KVM is that it has a USB hub built in, and I can also share external hard drives among up to 4 computers to share files etc…basically taking the place of sharing files with Ethernet networking.

I am going to try this:


Thanks for the contributions!

I use my computer for everything. I’m all over the web. I use Microsoft Security Essentials. Haven’t had an issue, but maybe I’m just lucky. I’ve used others in the past that had impacts on performance, but so far, I’m happy with this one (for about two years).

Comodo Firewall I would not use, better use the Windows firewall. Way too intrusive and just one wrong click on one of the billions of popup messages and you have opened up ports that should not be open.
Microsoft Security Essentials, has the least impact on DPC from the many antiVirus apps. I have tried.
Some sysinternals tools for maintenance.

My other DAW no internet no firewall nothing really but Cubase 6.5

On my office computers and my personal computers, I use the Windows Firewall and Microsoft Security Essential/Windows Defender.

PS. On Windows 8/8.1, Microsoft Security Essential is back under the name it started (at Vista), Windows Defender.

My main studio DAWs is completely offline, running only DAW/studio related software.
My office, home/entertainment and test computers take care of the rest :wink:

A mouse, in my opinion, is better off when it does not have to share it’s instructions with something else. :slight_smile:

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Hello roel, what exactly do you mean by this? What instructions would be shared with a mouse? Are you referring to the one second delay of switching the mouse with a KVM switch between computers? If so, I don’t understand the “instructions” comment … to me, it’s just a re-routing of hardware connections & cable.

Browser plugins I use for anti-tracking:

Chrome - Ghostery and Adblock plus


SeaMonkey - Lastpass Password manager

I don’t yet know of a cross-browser cloud-based Favorites manager, so if anyone has any suggestions; please, it would be most appreciated.

Avira antivir and stop. My work forces me to use my daw for everything.

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Work/studio 'puter is only on-line for d/loading updates/upgrades/purchases etc.

Good Luck!

I use Avast & Crapcleaner & Piriform defraggler

Still use only my DAW in the net for updates and licenses.

I use another PC for internet so my Avast is disabled on DAW most of the time.

I find Comodo good because it is easy to disable and can run only as a service (something AVG seems to have trouble with) but it requires configuration. Comodo can also run in various modes besides Firewall so you are not bogged down with requests.

Microsoft Security Essentials, has the least impact on DPC from the many antiVirus apps. I have tried.

MSE I liked but found it did not pick up enough but is good if you don’t do much online.

Some sysinternals tools for maintenance.

I was using SysInternals Autoruns but that functionality is included in Comodo Firewall.

So what about the browser?

Going to try that now.

So what is “stop”?

Same here. :slight_smile:

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on my Studio PC there’s no virus checker installed. Its only connected to the internet when I need an update or so, otherwise I always switch off the NIC in BIOS.

On my home laptop, which has C7 Elements installed, I use the WIN8 virus checker (I think MSE) and sometimes MalwareBytes.