Which (simple) double Video Card?

Hi to everyone.
I’m going to change my ATI FireMV 2400 (4 outs) pci-e video card because it is incompatible with Nuendo’s Video functions…and it always crashes Nuendo on exit…
I want to keep my 4 monitors video system because I find it very handy; so I was thinking to a system with two dual-head video cards.
I don’t work so much with video…almost entirely music or (rarely) music for video, so I don’t need a powerful video card…I would prefer it to be simple and surely compatible with Nuendo.
Could you please advise me some particular model?
Anticipately thanx!

Maybe give this thread a read?

Thank you very much!
It seems that NVIDIA QUADRO NVS 450 and Matrox M9140 could be optimal replacement.
Both of them are 4 head…
Any other (less expensive) alternative?
Is it a bad idea to use two “twin” common dual head cards together?


Ah, I just stepped over this thread after answering your mail. I think it is a good idea to post my words here as well, I hope you are fine with that:

Well, I can recommend that card, I am using it 70 hours/week with 4 screens. Not a single problem, blue screen or whatever. Great card! I am coming from Matrox/Parhelia and I do not regret.

But be carefull!

Do not use the multi-desktop management mode in the control application, it messes up everything! The Win7 GUI is crippled after that. I spend about 3 days to work that out. Just install latest drivers etc and then use Win 7 management! I was not aware that Win7 is so powerfull regarding screen management / multi monitor setups. Just connect additional monitors and wait 3 sek - done.

Use the very awesome software UltraMon to have some advanced desctop management. It is cheap and runs solid without any hickup in the background and it gives me all the options I need when working with a stretched desktop.

Regarding two cards - so far as I heard it is today not a problem, but personally I would have a bad feeling here, first I would always try to keep the system setup as simple and solid as possible and second I would not be able to spend another PCIe slot - I have them used all with UAD, RME and yes, an USB3 card…

Brandy, thank you veeery much!! :slight_smile:

Any updates? Does it work?