Who are the forum legends?

I don’t know that there is a “brain enhancement” formula that help you can grow the size of your brain.

In fact there is a great debate about brain size and whether or not Neanderthal man was smart, or whether modern man was able to subsume their DNA in order to become “strong” and to what extent different peoples’ have this special gene so I guess for others they can use magic.

I get emails all the time wanting to help me increase the size of various muscles, so I don’t think this is out of the ordinary and could therefore be classified as “waisting” bandwidth, if the idea is actually to promote muscle tone. :laughing:

You were using the Trial.

But back in May, as posted here…

And here…

You were using it as well.

From this post…
Where you said,

It appears as though your trial had ended, but it was not so.

So, I say, consider yourself busted. You owe it to Steinberg to buy Cubase now, especially if we are going to have to continue to parse your posts for useful and coherent information. :wink:



As stated, this is not “name and shame” but raise and praise.

I have another dongle (as stated) that I use for trial software and these things are two bob on ebay, so I think you ought to get your facts straight instead of trying to start a campaign against a valid user.

Regardless, you were one of the reasons I started this thread jaslan, so instead of being a sour grapes kind of person, how about being happy when you can help for it is not for you to judge the usefulness of any one post let alone bring up a past that you cannot verify.

I am not campaigning against you. Just making the point that you should buy Cubase 6 already.

Hi Jaslan,

I figured that and of course I will purchase C6 simply because Steiny pay attention to all the little things that make workflow a breeze.

Already I find that when cycling over parts that have overlapping notes there is no sudden increase in volume, which is something that was always present in previous versions so I guess I have found my reason to upgrade.

When I used 6.02 I wasn’t that impressed and of course I skipped 6.03 (was lurking here for a while).

Anyway, thanks for all your help.

Yeah, but only to get another license to register to get back in the forum. You MUST be exhausting resourses by now, surely. :wink: :laughing:

As I’ve said nate, I made this thread because I wanted to acknowledge those that inspire or assist my work in a technical way and no, there are no extra resources since your license is simply upgraded except to say of course that you can use any and all earlier versions which I believe was a change made by the former member known as “Tank”.

Hello Brains,

what is a legend ?: This is a short list of a friend of mine, who is also around in this forum.

Eric Clapton
Stereo MCs
Soul II Soul
Wet Wet Wet
Primal Scream
Alison Moyet
Maxi Priest
Junior Giscombe
Linton Kwesi Johnson
Kylie Minogue
Andy Sheppard & Steve Lodder
Barrington Pheloung • Dennis Bovell Dub Band
Jools Holland
Prince Buster
Sharon Shannon
Toni Braxton
Bobby Kray
The Secial A.K.A
Jools Holland
Take That
Lisa Stansfield
McAlmont & Butler
Peter Andre
Mary J. Blige
Sophie Ellis-Bextor
Richard Ashcroft
George Benson

Does this make him a legend ? No, he is just doing his job and works everyday for his money. Like most of us do.
Do “they” writing 20 or more posts in an internetforum each day ? --> No
What “they” do when there is a problem: they get in contact with support.
Are “they” want to write something in a topic like this --> No

Do I have a funny story about somebody “famous” here at the forums ? perhaps…
I needed to call a Steinberg Artist at an evening back on his mobile phone:
-Hi Chris how is it going ?
-Hi (mr X) everything fine here, but it is pretty loud at your side of the phone line
-Chris, I’m in front of 20.000 people at the moment and we just wanted to start the first song, well the drummer already counted to 3 and then you rang…and the whole band stopped and wanted to know who is calling me. I’m pretty sure I have a big problem after the show.



I love live music but Steinberg has the best tools for sequencing material which can in turn be played live.

If this place is so full of legends that don’t name drop (which doesn’t surprise me actually) then how about asking one of them how a sequencer can be made to follow a tempo set by a drummer, or is it all completely programmed.

All I was wanting to do was thank those who have helped me understand the program, as this is my daily work and in a spirit of community I try and help newcomers onto the platform. If there is a problem with my approach then why haven’t I been banned already, since it seems the interests of a few often outweigh the many and the scramble to help others while boosting ones’ ego is paramount.

Hello Brains,

please watch the youtube and product video’s of Cubase 6 regarding tempo and drums. It was never as easy with Cubase as it now is.
A famous drummer who is using Cubase ? (you can even buy a seminar DVD of him and I believe it has been made with Cubase 5) Mark Schulman http://www.drummerworld.com/drummers/Mark_Schulman.html

John Miceli http://www.john-miceli.com/

Just two names



Yes of course! Trodor the Burniator! A true legend.

And who was the guy that got into ferocious flame wars with AZLBRAX? (don’t forget the capitalisation)

Falsetto-guy was Mark Hodge… Sorry that’s Not-Falsetto-Guy.

And then of course there was DJ_CAPSLOCK :wink:

For me the true forum legends were, of course Mike Elliot and Tammo :frowning:

Christian Dettner in the old days.


not to defend Mark, but it wasn’t falsetto… he was a true counter-tenor

For me the true forum legends were, of course Mike Elliot and Tammo > :frowning:

+1 :sunglasses:

That’s nice of you to provide those links but what I’m thinking about is not what is here:http://steinberg.net/forum/viewtopic.php?f=19&t=14513 but doing it in realtime. Is that possible do you or anyone know?

It’s the other way round, drummers follow sequencers in some live shows, that is… they get a click track in an earpiece. That then opens the way to integrating a more complete and complex show. Film projections, sequenced lighting, sample trigering etc, etc

Oh well, looks like Brains has been deleted again, I gave him 150 posts till deletion looks like I was wrong :laughing:


How is Sparky, still kickin’ arse somewhere in the bowels of Steinberg?

Mauri :wink: .