Who are the forum legends?

I know who you are, and I’m sure ya’ll know too but instead of name and shame, how about raise and praise?

Hello Brains

Brains… ahaha you’re back :laughing:

I’ll give you to 150 posts before being banned (again) :mrgreen:

:laughing: Brains forgot about his all too familiar IP address?


I think I can take credit for being the first one to call him out. I had a feeling for a few days before that, but wasn’t quite sure. His style is one of a kind. :laughing:

An A1 Brains spotter :laughing:


Mr Pickens,

The quote should be as follows:


Since the Moderators & Steinberg were so kind to allow reading of the lounge by soft e-license users, I have been monitoring from afar.

To be frank, banning is not done by IP, but rather that gorgeous piece of hardware called a dongle, and it is only by pure grace and admonishment that a member can be re-allowed to join this lovely flock.

P.S. That is a sheeps’ brain right?

It wasn’t a quote. It was a link. Maybe I wanted people to be able to see the whole thread in case there are new members who haven’t been exposed to your “unique” way of wording things. :wink:

That was an interesting conversation that FD had started that’s for sure.

Maybe it was the part about the metronome that had people thinking :sunglasses:

You have lost me already, Mr _user. BTW, don’t take anything I say too seriously - just having a bit of fun. The forum hasn’t had many lighthearted moments lately. The traffic seems to be picking up a bit, though. A good thing I think.

P.S. Is a sheeps anything like a hampster?

I think the user Mauri enjoyed bbq hampster but wouldn’t be much of a meal.

I think Brain’s latest avatar is showing us what he/she/it uses for brains…

I think it’s Brains’ brain…and that would explain it all :wink:.


P.S. And as to the forum legends, there were/is/are Bas, P.W., Azlbrax, Naked Hoof, the guy who “did not sing in falsetto” for a start. You Brains do not qualify.

Let’s not forget Trogdor the Burninator. :wink:

Brain’s mom is definately a forum legend, IYKWIMAITYD. :wink:

There are musical legends certainly, but I’m wanting to know who people here think are legends among their forum peers, for whatever reason but mainly in relation to their expertise at using the Cubase application, as well as their ability to help others become self-sufficient while working with the program we all love best of all (besides our mothers).

A typical Creatine user…

Hello Brains,

Stop cluttering the forums and waisting bandwidth !!