Who has used VST Live live on stage?

What are your experiences?
What worked and what didn’t?
What do you control with VST Live?
How could VST Live improve your performance?
What did you use before VST Live?
What are your tips & tricks?

Unfortunately, it’s not ready to go on stage with it. Huge potential, but too many bugs at this moment. We all are some kind of public beta-testers :slight_smile:


That’s pretty unfair not mentioning a single example of a bug that would prevent it from beeing used on stage.
Used it in well over 100 concerts since beginning implementation :slight_smile:

Dosens of bugs described there since it’s released. Unfortunately, it’s still far from stable version and the only way it can be used without a fear to fail the show is maybe a backing track player. But we all bought VST Live for a little more. I’m pretty sure, it’s not developer’s fall, company has it’s release plans, etc., but VST Live and C12 definitely need a serious work to become really safe, stable workhorses


You still keep claiming “dozens of bugs” but not one that prevents it to be used on stage.

Poor ASIO performance and bug with no-off plugins in previous parts is enough to say it’s not usable at all, not only on stage. I cannot even use it at rehearsals without other band members blaming me. Sorry, all this forum tells about this two app are not ready to be released at this moment.

Sorry, the conversation is going in the wrong direction. My intention was to hear how VST Live is already helping you, and which previously cumbersome or equipment-intensive processes are being simplified by VST Live. For error descriptions, see the other posts here in the forum.

I’ll make a start.

Absolutely wrong. VST Live consumes almost no CPU itself, only plugins determine CPU usage and some said in this very forum that CPU performance is excellent.

Only as long as notes are held or sustain pedal is pressed will unselected Parts continue to process until sustain time set in preferences has passed. You possibly refer to Stacks which you (?) reported, but we can’t reproduce that yet and you may want to check again with 1.0.30.

I heavily resist to accept that statement. “Blaming” - for what? You mentioned exactly one problem which is unconfirmed, not a solid ground to base such heavy accusations on. “all this forum tells” are mostly wishes, with some very positively excited and some critizising in a fair and precise manner, which helps us - and other users - a lot, responding with two updates already and a third to come very soon.

Right, going the wrong direction, sorry for that.

What are your experiences?
Finally a program that (foreseeably) will simplify the whole live process and relieve the musicians.
Not only the process but also the equipment can/must be adjusted, but in our case it makes a lot of sense and will definitely help us.

What worked and what didn’t?
We are currently integrating VST Live into our rehearsal process (we are not having any performances at the moment) and are in the process of adapting the equipment accordingly.

What do you control with VST Live?
Unfortunately, we haven’t had a drummer for a while and for this reason we’re working with backing tracks again. The ability to display the beat and the lyrics is great. Here we are currently planning whether we want to work with monitors or tablets.

How could VST Live improve your performance?
So far we have played backing tracks manually using a laptop. This was done manually via mouse click, which was time-consuming and you always had to be careful that you clicked on the right song. This is much easier and clearer with VST Live.

What did you use before VST Live?
Playing backing tracks on the laptop and laying out sheet music/lyrics which was often quite a mess. This is also much easier with VST Live as the central tool.
Unfortunately, we are currently not (yet) using the VST options because we don’t have a kayboarder either. However, we would like to control all VST Live via a midi pedal board (FCB1010) so that none of us have to go to the laptop during rehearsals and performances.

What are your tips & tricks?
Create songs one at a time and take notes as you rehearse for adjustments in VST Live.
Editing the backings during rehearsals doesn’t make sense for us because it takes time.

We’re very optimistic that we can get a lot out of VST Live!

It’s not so terrible as C12, but holds low latencies way worst than C11, which is just good and stable

Yes, and I’ve sent my projects to someone who asked me through PM. Of course I will check all updates, but I cannot use it until it get such stable as C11

Blaming me for messing with not working app instead of just playing music.

If you don’t like what I wrote - ok, just tag me when 100% stable rock solid update released, I’m out now

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Thanks for that, we have already examined those, but can’t find a problem. Will try to get hold of all plugins used with it and check if there is a problem to be found there.
We are in it for music and fun, don’t want to fight about that, just want fairness.


I haven´t use it live yet, I want to test it more, we (my band) are still using a DAW for the purpose.
I want to use VL in the following way: our drummer shoots the playlist and we play in sync. He starts a song, the song should end and position to next song in the list ready for him to press a key to start the following one.
He is the only one who needs to hear the metronome. The songs include synth parts and percussion, the rest is played live by the band. The idea is to add some of our videos in sync with songs in shows where it´s able.
It would be desirable to have lyrics too in case the vocalist has a memory loss moment.
In the future the goal would be to automate guitar, bass and vocal effects, all going through VL.
That´s my dreamed show :wink:

VST Live has all of that. Automatic Song stop/change is in the making, but not yet available though; your drummer would currently have to manually stop and advance to the next song, either via keystroke, or remote MIDI (Devices/Actions/Next Part).
Song End functions will include an end marker and actions: do nothing, stop, stop and advance to next song, advance to and start next song.

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Maybe let’s start with the most basic thing like Midi part editing after recording or importing - not possible right now,
and imported midi is badly interpreted with tempo signature (or quantisation) and without step 1 this program is usless!

You compare apples with oranges. Does any of the competition offer any MIDI editing at all, or even “most basic” functions which the VST Live TRACKS Module offers?

Tempo works since 1.0.20 but you have to set Song tempo and signature manually, not that big a deal, but will be improved with 1.0.30 coming soon.
What you mean “quantisation”?

So you giving a midi track and say ‘hey y’know you have more than other apps, bee happy’! That what you mean? If there is a midi track, should has minimum functionality not only moving part left-right sides :smiley:

Let’s say I have all set it up, and found nice midi intro I want to import and how the heck this will work if I have to search for ‘right’ tempo before importing midi data?? really?

Or after… And as said, auto set tempo/signature is coming.

yes, a backing track player that can play all sorts of media and you can even move clips around, not so bad in comparison?
It’s not that we don’t want editing features, but it is a big deal and this is - repeated - a backing track player and not Cubase.

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Yes we used it this weekend. DMX / Video / Lyrics and of course VST Layers. Worked like a charm thank you.


Well, you know, it’s Steinberg, the leader, the vst module creator :smiley: and don’t understand me wrong, I HAVE BIG EXPECTATION over VST Live for future so we have to say what we want!! becose devs are always to lazy to listen of last food chain elements - customers.

That’s why I want a midi edit down area
midi learn by RMB on knobs,faders,buttons like in CUBASE :smiley: (or even implementation of midi remote module to VST Live). Now I see some midi editable parameters for controller but is quite couple only, cant map Mute or Solo etc. what is very useable for live play.

The program in it’s actual form is a very good starting point for improvements, hope the process will not take 10+ years like Cubase development over years but you will grab a good known ideas from Cubase or other familly apps and use it in VST Live - finger cross!!