Who here had a pic of the top arranged to fit the transport?

The left and right zones up top are cool but you can’t freely move things around to where exactly you want them placed as far as being up against the left or right sides, so I’d love to see that pic to see how you did it. The bottom transport takes up space I don’t need taken up, and someone here figured out a way to fit the floating transport on top of the project window with the left/right zones.

Do you mean this one? It is a mock up of what it “could” look like because this can not be done at this time. That’s why there are 2 or 3 feature request posted that are requesting it. :wink:


BTW… If you really dislike the lower transport that much you can always disable it and use the old floating transport. You disable it using the options in the upper right of the project window (uncheck the transport option). :wink:

Regards :sunglasses: