Whole note diamond notehead?

I need to change the whole-note white-diamond notehead to be the same as the half-note. Why is the Wole-note diamond so little?

I go to “Engrave”, “Notehead sets”, but I can’t get it to work.

Any ideas? Thanks

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I just bumped into this exact same issue in the last hour. Will be curious to hear the answer.

You can edit the notepads - I did this once, a while back. What I do now is to use half-notes, and hide the stems and remove the rests. Pretty easy to do.

Can someone in the know chime-in here? I would love to know how to resolve this issue !

I think the quickest fix is something like this:

  1. Go to Engrave > Notehead Sets… and find the White Diamond Notehead Set.
  2. Select the first notehead in the set - noteheadDiamondWhole - and set its Duration to something you’re never going to use, such as 1/1024.
  3. Select the second notehead in the set - noteheadDiamondMinimaWhite - and set its Duration to Whole Note. Leave the “Use for durations shorter than and equal” option ticked.
    (3a. If you wish to make this the default in future projects, click the star icon in the bottom left section of the dialog, under the list of Diamond Notehead Sets)
  4. Click OK.

The caveat is that the noteheadDiamondWhole is used in other notehead sets (certainly the Diamond Noteheads and Wide Diamond Noteheads sets). Changing its duration assignment here will change its duration assignment everywhere.

There’ll be a way round it, using duplicate noteheads, but I’d rather not go into it until I’ve consumed a little more coffee…

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Nice fix, Leo!
What I did in my case was just edit the whole note notehead in the symbols editor. I didn’t chose exactly the same notehead, though.

Leo, Thanks - as always!

Works perfectly, thanks very much !!!

I set the whole-note “white diamond” notehead to be the same as the half-note diamond, but it appears off-center in relation to the normal whole note below, as you can see in this image:

I tried adjusting the x-coordinates in the notehead editor, but it has no effect on this positioning. I must be missing something obvious!

(By the way, looking at those Bravura glyphs up close makes me salivate! So gorgeous!)

Noteheads are still positioned according to the nominal stem, even when a stem isn’t present, so that kind of nominally stem-up configuration will produce “right-aligned” noteheads. We have a task on our backlog to provide some additional options in this area in future. There’s not a great way to achieve a different alignment at the moment (that I can think of, anyway; somebody cleverer than me might have an idea).

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Please correct me if I missing something, I surely do after so much people including Daniel already answered to the initial question.

See the attached image: I just edited the whole notehead to 165 %
I went to the Edit Notehead Sets window
Choosed the Category Diamonds
Then the first White Diamond Noteheads set
I selected notheheadDiamondWhole for the Whole note duration
I clicked on Edit and scaled the glyph to 160% (x and y)

Isn’t it what jamwerks or brittencellist are aiming at?

notehead white diamond.jpg

Well, the whole diamond surely has another shape. Also, usually, they are smaller than normal noteheads (speaking of width)

Teacue, that’s a great idea. I was hoping to not use that oddly-shaped whole note diamond (I’ve never encountered it before), but that looks like the current best solution!

In fact, in the Edit Notehead window you can also replace the glyph in use with any glyph from any music notation font installed on your system.
If you own a font with a more appropriated diamond notehead for your needs you can use it.

I see! Do you know a way to get another diamond head to line up properly? (i.e., not aligned to the “stem”, but rather centered with the main whole note?)

I think the only way to do that is by tweaking the spacing in Engrave mode.

If you put the notes in different voice columns, you can then move each column independently.

Note, in the attachment I filtered the properties for “voice” to get rid of all the irrelevant panels in the bottom window.

(I didn’t bother to make a bigger diamond note head, but this shows how to move things around.)

Centered, no.
Shifted to a fix amount, yes.

You can change the value of some metadata.
For example in the attached image I changed the x-value of “Stem up SE” to 0.68
You can find this metadata either in the Metadata json file in the chapter “glyphsWithAnchors”
or you can find it in the “Edit Notehead” window under the tab “Stem”

This value aproximatively centers the diamond notehead with the default whole notehead but of course not with other noteheads.
Beside of this It may also have unpredictable results in some combinations because the purpose of these metadata is a small science in itself.
One must also take care about which other note value is using this specific notehead.

Changing noteheads in Dorico is not always so easy also because of the fact that per default Dorico uses larger noteheads!
But in Bravura there are not larger noteheads for each notehead style.
This can lead to some confusion if you are not aware of this.

Can a Dorico authority explain why this is the default behavior of the artificial harmonic diamond above a whole note, as this thread demonstrates that many of us are keen to change it? I sympathize with brittencellist; I’ve not seen this before. Is Dorico referencing a particular notation treatise or edition?

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Dear Dancoleman, if you read Daniel’s answer #10 carefully, it is clear that the result is not satisfying for the team, so there’s no need to dig further. Dorico is not four-year-old yet!

Hope this will be fixed soon as this is not really acceptable or up to the otherwise extremely high standards of Dorico. The tiny default whole note “diamond” is completely useless so I don’t really understand why it’s there in the first place but even when replaced with the half-note diamond it is dizzying reading scores with many whole note harmonics as the diamonds are all over the place (depending on the direction of the invisible stem they align to). My workaround is doing what @pianoleo suggested previously in the thread and then I flip the notes so at least they are all leaning in the same direction. I then tilt my head a few degrees when I read the score to avoid sickness :sunglasses:

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