why are my exported files a different tempo than the project


After doing some batch exports of VSTI’s the other day I was looking in the pool and noticed they have different tempos listed than the project tempo.

The tempo’s seem random and the files are fine in the project,just looks a bit weird when you see everything else in the pool having the project tempo listed.


Do the files in fact play back at a different speed?

No they’re fine, I wouldn’t have known anything was different if i hadn’t looked in the pool.


Bug report?

Type in the correct tempo…!?

I think it is a bug. Tried to start a thread earlier, but did not get any response yet, maybe I wasent clear enough.

The tempo in the pool seems to some extend to be depending on the length of the clip.

Yes reading your post it seems that’s exactly the issue I’m seeing here.

I think we should report it as a bug.

Ahh I’ve just seen that the bug base is locked!



Anyone else confirm this?


OK, now I changed the headline on my original post to something with “Bug”, so now we can only hope that the Steinberg folks read it. :wink:

I don’t see the word bug in your changed headline. There must be some sort of bug with the headline changer…

Start a new post and reference the older posts.