Why can’t I hear when I play the instrument?

I am trying to record a piano. It shows on the interface box and on the laptop that there is signal. I can record it on the laptop and see that it is playing through it however, I can not hear it at all. I can’t hear it when recording or just playing.

Hi @emasszi17,

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Sadly, you didn’t give any information as to which environment you use.

Windows 10/11 or macOS?
Which version of Cubase?
Audio recording or VST / MIDI recording?
If virtual instrument: which one is it?


Hi, thank you for responding.
I use Windows 11, Cubase UR12 USB audio interface. I am trying to record off of a keyboard so I’m not sure what type of recording that would be considered. This program is new to me so I’m not sure of all the correct terms and features.


If you want to use the sound of your (digital) Piano, add a MIDI Track and send the MIDI data back to the Piano. Then you will need an Audio Track with the Monitor On to be able to monitor/mix the sound. You would need an audio cables from your Piano to UR12 In.

If you want to use Cubase sounds, add an Instrument Track (HALion Sonic SE) and choose the sound here.

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