Why Can't Cubase 7 Do Something This Basic?

I am beyond frustrated with trying to get this to work in Cubase.

Please read this.

We can’t we do this simple thing in Cubase 7? I have just gone through a 913 page Cubase manual, been to 3 forums (including this one) and NOBODY can tell me how to do this.

Do I really need to just switch over to Ableton?

Doesn’t ANYBODY use Reaktor sequencers and Cubase 7 on this whole planet?

Seems unbelievable that I’m the ONLY one.

I just gave a detailed answer on how to do this, on your other post:

Btw, can I make two humble and friendly suggestions?

First, a better post title may have been “Can Reaktor Send MIDI to a Synth in Cubase?”

Me, the person with the answer, almost didn’t click on your post (you lucked out).

If I had seen “Reaktor” in the title, I would have clicked on it for sure.

Second, two posts asking the same question within a few days of each other is redundant.

Better to post one, well-named post and “bump” it yourself (add a new reply to it), if you have to.


Jalcide is correct…

Answered in How Do You Do This Routing In Cubase 7? - Cubase - Steinberg Forums please continue there.