Why can't I select VSTs?

UPDATE! After moving Dorico from full screen mode to wondow mode, it suddenly allowed me to select the VSTs again…

Except for the DSK VSTs, which appear in the “allowed” section, but not in the dropdown list. Any ideas?

I’m trying to install vsts in one of my projects but it won’t let me - any ideas why not?

I have the relevant VSTs whitelisted in edit/preferences thus:

but when I try to add a new VST in the VST rack, it loads an empty slot, and when I click on the dropdown menu, nothing appears:

I should say that both Iowa Tuba and Sonatina have worked in the past, but appear not to today.
Any clues?

Thank you!

Please do Help > Create Diagnostics Report and post the corresponding zip file here. Thanks

You’re experiencing a problem caused by having multiple displays with different geometry and/or pixel density. We’re aware of these issues (which are caused by the underlying framework that Dorico is built on) and we hope that we will be able to improve matters in future.

I was just doing that having looked at the Dorico 3.5 forum! Thank you.

I have also cleared the Audio Engine Cache with no luck…
Dorico Diagnostics.zip (525.0 KB)

Thank you! Having worked out that it is the tiniest of tiny glitches it really is no problem. Now I just need to sort out the specific missing VSTs and I will be golden!

Thanks for the data.
In the very last run DSK ChoirZ and Electric GuitarZ did get recognized.
You know, when you move plug-ins from blocked to allowed, you have to restart Dorico in order to make the change take effect.
Sonatina however does not get loaded because it is neither recognized nor whitelisted.

Thank you, but unfortunately I have started Dorico a couple of times and restarting has not worked - they show up in the whitelist all right but not in the VST list in rack.

Sonatina is no longer whitelisted n because I did a total reset.

Can you please provide yet another diagnostics report. Thanks

Hi @vintagekmco , sorry, no need for a new diagnostics report. I oversaw something in the first one, namely that ChoirZ and GuitarZ got blacklisted.
So with allowing those plug-ins you tell Dorico, yes, please load them, but first it will load them into our so called VSTScanner. If the scanner finds something wrong with the plug-in then it puts it on the blacklist and does not load it any more.
Now, I don’t know the reason for them getting blacklisted but we can try to find out if you want to.

Oh, ok - well I’m not wedded to those particular vsts so I’ll try and find an alternative.

Thank you for your help!

I wonder if this is maybe the same issue I ran into. Are you using an external monitor?
If you move the window to the non-external monitor, the menu opens as expected.