Why can't we hear speaker examples on-line?

Aloha guys,

Another post:
about the new JBL monitors got me thinking in this direction.

There was a time when many of us would not buy any sound creation product(s)
(synths, guitars, hard/software sound modules, samples,
models, speakers etc) unless we heard/played them in person.

Then came broadband internet.

The current broadband technology is now good enough
that many of us buy plugs/FXs,/samples etc
only after hearing them on-line.
Many times this stuff costs mucho $$$.

Same for music. We don’t always go to concerts.
If we hear an artist we like on-line, we simply
buy the product on-line.

It seems to me a lil suspicious that speaker manufactures
don’t have on-line demonstrations for their products.

Perhaps some do (and please chime in if that is the case)
but I went to the JBL, Genelec and Mackie sites and nada
as far as on-line demos.
I even went to Bose to check for home system demos.

Lots o’ testimonials, talk, hype, artist/engineer endorsements etc.
but no on-line demos.

Now I realize that evaluating speakers thru your speakers
can be problematic. but c’mon. At least give us a lil taste.
Use a disclaimer etc.
IMHO Even this option would be better that
buying them ‘blind’ so to speak.

Besides, the internet now gives us a sort of
‘level playing field’. Equally good and bad for everyone.

Speaker demos could show us various types of music played in
various situations to at least give us a hint of how they sound.

So speaker maker guys; sup wi dat?
And who is going to be the first with an on-line demo?

This is just an ‘observational’ rant here.
I am totally happy with my Gen’s and Mackies.

Yeah. I have to admit, Curt. You have me scratching my head. Have you been hanging out with Alexis? :open_mouth:

All in good fun guys…


That would be cool… play the sample from the really big expensive monitors through your little crappy monitors to make your little crappy monitors sound like the big expensive monitors. Could save a lot of money!

I sense a new cloudservice, that’d actually be really popular as well if it was possible :sunglasses:
I wanna watch this movie on an IMAX soundset, let’s just hire that for 2 hours.

"buying blind " ???
This is why most retail places are instructed by the manufactures to not sell online so it forces you to demo in store first or most in our days allow 2 weeks demo at home which I think is the way forward , no demo online is going to sound the same as in your home environment . good idea if you ask me !

I smell a fantastic marketing opportunity here! A 12-DVD boxed set of examples of what one near-field monitor sounds like when played back on another brand of near-field monitor! Three categories: Ultra-expensive, Mid-line, Cheapo. Want to hear what what Bob Katz’s mastering monitors sound like played back through a set Behringers? That’s Track # 187. Want to hear what the Behringers sound like on Katz’s Ultra-Rig? Track #523.

MMMMMmmmmmmmmmmmmmm … I can almost smell the $$$$$$$$$$$$$$ :mrgreen:

It won’t work until Smell-o-vision™ has been perfected and saturated the market.

But maybe internet speed dating could work … 3 millisecond limit (with zero latency) … date hundreds of thousands guys/gals in only a few minutes? It’s the sort of thing that can only be accomplished in the digital age. I think it could sell big. :wink:

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“Smells like chicken” Hmmm Steve that’s interesting - as you were talking about dating sites - is there a market for chicken smelling perfume?

Fried, baked, boiled, broiled, roasted or barbequed!


Yep. this is what the Internet is for! :laughing:

… don’t you have a really bad suit to pick up from the dry cleaner? :mrgreen:

Wrinkled cones would be worse… just sayin’ :mrgreen: