Why do i haave to constantly resize the arrangement window?

Why do i have to constantly resize the arrangement window after having opened other windows??

I have reinstalled Cubase to get rid of it but the problem remains.

Extremly annoying.

Are your other windows (besides the project window) set to Always on Top?

Thanks friend. I´ll try that!

Strange still that you have to set every single item at “always on top” to reassure that the main arrangement window doesn´t resize and place itself out of the mainframe.

I’m just going to jump in here and say… yeaaah… the window management annoys me to tears… ok not quite, but I’ll happilly slap the executive who suggested removing the window manager… :cry:

The mainwindow should NOT resize itself once it is maximized no matter how you set the action of the other windows.

Can i have it confirmed from an admin that this is a fault by design and not result of my setup?

It’s been like this forever and complained about forever. Child windows either have to be set to AOT or maxxed. There’s a Pref to always set plug windows to AOT, BTW.

Hopefully, now that Steiny’s going through all the legacy code things will soon change.

I don´t se the point in selling a product where at times 25 percent of the mouseclicks is spent restoring one of the programs basic functions.

Setting everything at “aot” means stocking everyting you open om top of each oter instead of putting unused windows behind the main arrangement and it doesnt exactly make things much easier.
The functions is not meant to be used for all windows att the time .That is my experience.

It’s easy enough to set up window sets to stop that clicking. There are also strategies for setting up your windows to stop that from happening. If you are spending %25 of your mouse clicks on windows then you need to RTFM on how Cubase does Windows management. It’s not great, but it can be worked with. My guess is you want it to work like newer interfaces with tabs and docks. But, it doesn’t. It’s that simple. It is an old school child window system. And, it was arguably never a properly implemented one at that.

But, as I’ve said, you can learn to use it as intended and it won’t take that many clicks and you can cut down on the frustration significantly.

As mashedmitten said, this has been a LONG time bitch point for users.

A good way to manage this is while the DAW transport is stationary, hit the ALT key to expose key command settings in order to invoke various windows in the program and that way you won’t even need to use the mouse.

“As mashedmitten said, this has been a LONG time witch point for users.”

This is not meant as an insult so i hope sincerely that you dont take it as such.Im glad for your help but:

Obviously this has been a problem so long that that people have accepted this malfunction of a very basic issue.

I don´t and i want to know from one of the admins if and when i can expect that this basic function will work again.

You would have to convince them it is broke first. It is working as designed.


I have C6 set up where I never have to resize any windows. Every window (mediabay, pool, sample editor, etc…) always opens up exactly in the same place they were before just like if they were docked!

Tried your solution in C5 and it seems to work and ill try it tomorrow in C6.

Aloha and same here. No window probs.

As JMCecil posted, I drank the kool-aid, RTFM and learned
the Steiny way of window management and so far all is well.

The OP did not list any gear used so
I now wonder if this could also be a Mac/PC thang?
I have always found over the years that anything to do with
visuals in Cubase is much snappier on PC. But my Mac
is also rock solid where window management is concerned.

Same situation on my laptop (where window management
can be critical).


Just want to make clear that I don’t LIKE the windowing that much. And I do want them to come up with a more modern interface. But, the current system isn’t “broke”.

Also, I fear that when they “fix” it, they are going to break the things that make using multiple monitors of different sizes easy to do.

Same here. I spend maybe 0.25% of mouse clicks on window management - usually when opening an older project…

Luck, Arjan

My project window is always maximized, and every other window (as they arise) are set to Always on Top.

I’d like to see a change in how windowing operates but if I had to make a choice between say “Lanes” or “Windowing” then I’d choose the former even though I hardly use them (lanes) at all.

The reason is of course to fix lanes, potentially other areas of the program will need to be looked at since it has been some time that a ‘promise’ was made to have multi-timbral or multi-output instrument tracks and even recently words were offered in relation to the VST Rack.

So it’s all about priorities and no offence to bluelight but we’ve heard it all before.

I now wonder if this could also be a Mac/PC thang?

Of course it is. On a Mac, it behave like Mac apps all do–each window/plug/whatever free floats on the screen (or wherever on multiple screens) you want.

Where on Windows…even my new Win7x64 box, the windowing behaves like some hack Windows 3.1 app…or Excel. :laughing: It’s really annoying. There are of course work arounds…but, at the end of the day, I wish Steiny would write the app’s GUI to work on Windows like it does on the Mac. But, whatcha gonna do?

But, the current system isn’t “broke”

Obviously there is something fundamentally wrong if you have to set evertthing to open on top of the previous window unless you accept that the mainwindow resizes and and positions itself outside the mina frames borders.